Monday, July 30, 2012

A Day Late and a Bracelet Short

In two days I'm leaving for Wisconsin and Chicago for two weeks.  I had planned to take a ton of jewelry with me so I could give it as gifts or sell it.  Needless to say, I've spent so much time watching the Olympics I didn't get everything done that I wanted to.  I'm barely packed and I want to clean the house before I leave so John doesn't have to do anything while I'm gone except take care of Buster and that's a hand full.


I really don't like stringing beads for pendants that I've done in polymer clay.  Kumihimo can be done with or without beads.

This a Randee Ketzel pendant that I did from her tutorial and I wanted something a little more sedate as far as the colors.  It looks different in the picture than it does in the hand.  Now I'm not sure I like the quiet colored necklace.  My sister will give me her opinion whether I want it or not.  LOL

Haven't decided if I like the twisted silver wire wrap on this yet or not.  Looks Southwestern but it covers the pendant.    I like the cord.

Kumihimo bracelets done with white pearl Megatamas and AB crystals.  I need 5 more and here I am posting.  DUH.

My friend Evelyn has a new grand baby.  Her name is Ashlyn and her room is nautical.
This entire fish is made of polymer clay.  It's going to be a wall hanging.  She uses a lot of things for textures.  Can you see the fish fins are made of hearts?  I think this is adorable.

Have a good two weeks.  I'll be back the 14th of August.  I'll be missing my polymer and beads.  OH YEAH, going to miss John and Buster too.  It better cool off back there.  I've had enough heat to last me a long time.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It's been a while since I've blogged, not lazy, busy or is it dizzy?????  Had to make a bunch of stuff for my sister for her birthday.  Someday I'll make something that fits or that she likes.  NOT.

I have this problem, I like making things, but I don't like finishing things.  I finally finished a piece. 
I love doing Kumihimo but it doesn't always fit everything I make.  This time, I made a smaller rope and added the beads on the top.  They are really smooth so it lays really nice.  I was worried about the wire being rough.


  Remember I said I had an obsession with Guilders Paste.  Here it is.  I need a 12 step program.  I have all of them but white.  Maybe I should get the white.  YOU THINK?????

I'm going to Wisconsin for two weeks and I'm putting a trap on my Guilders Paste.  Don't even think about touching it.  Tee hee hee.

  This was done with black clay and the Patina Guilders Paste.
I don't normally like this kind of piece but when I saw this mold, I really liked it.
Not sure what I'm going to hang it on.

Don't touch my Guilders Paste.

Friday, July 13, 2012


A couple years ago when my BFF's and I were in Tucson taking Christi Friesen classes, my friend Evelyn bought this stuff called Guilders Paste.  I looked at it and wondered "What the hell is she going to do with that stuff and why is it so expensive for a little tin?".  Well, about 8 months ago she made a piece with Guilders Paste on it and it was beautiful.  So, I ordered some of my own and in the last month it has become one of my favorite polymer clay adornments.

Yesterday we had a clay day here and naturally the Guilders Paste came out.  Not only that, we found a place on Artfire and bought more.  Between the three of us we ordered 14 more cans.  OCD, yes that's the disease with the Guilders Paste.  We made pendants from a technique that we did accidentally about 2 years ago and I took one of mine and textured it and put Guilders Paste on it.

The top right one turned out green and orange and I wasn't crazy about the colors so I added the Inca Gold GP on it.

This is the other side of the pendants.  I did the texturing on the top right one with some of Helen Breil's texture sheets which I love and then put the Inca Gold on both sides.

The left and bottom pendant are combinations of many different colors of clay.  I sanded and buffed both of these.  The one with the GP was hand buffed and I'll probably put a glaze of some kind on to protect the paste.

This is Evelyn's pendant before it was baked.  I love the colors in this one.  The orange just makes it pop.  She also did a long one that I forgot to take a picture of.  Will get it when she comes over.  It was gorgeous.

This is Rose's first pendant before it was baked.  Love these colors.  Can't wait to see it when it's done.

This was Rose's second pendant that she did with a different twist but same technique.

This was a transfer I did of a black cat.  AGAIN, I used silver GP on it and should have done that after I put the resin on the cat.  Got spots of silver on the poor cat.  It actually looks like glitter in person.  I hope Buster and my better half stay out of the way when the Guilders Paste is out or they are going to end up wearing Inca Gold and Silver.  LOL