Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some of the women from our beading club are involved with Luke Air Force Base which is about 10 miles from here.  Many organizations try to do charity work for military wive's and children.  Next week there is going to be a luncheon for the wive's of the men who are deployed out of Luke.  There are 150 of them and our beaders have been making bracelets to give to each of the wives.  I've finished 5 so far and hope to get a couple more done before the deadline tomorrow.  Since I have about 200 kilos of red, white and blue beads I thought I would do some Kumihimo bracelets.  I wanted to do some polymer clay red, white and blue stretch bracelets but didn't have time.

As you can see, there is an odd ball in there.  It's purple, gold and black and has megatamas.
If you ever get a chance to do some charity work for the military, it's definitely rewarding.
Thank them if you can.  Times are not easy for the families right now.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


This little pot is made entirely of polymer clay.  My friend Judy came up with this idea about 2 years ago and there was an article in Polymer Cafe on how to do it.  She did a class at our beading club on Wednesday so I made a bunch of canes the day before and made another pot.  Unfortunately on Tuesday night I had cramps in my fingers so bad, I couldn't move them.
This is the cane I made.  It's called the Frilly Flower Cane and it's a tutorial by Kathy Harm at CraftEdu.com.  It's really a lot of fun.  I cut it in half and wrapped half with fuchsia too.
I have about 4 feet of cane and I'm going to make beads with it for golf stroke counters.
This is a scarf pin I made with the cane for a friend who is leaving to move back to Colorado.  I also made her two scarves to go with it.
Do you know how hard it is to do laundry when the basket has something in it?
Good old Buster.  I should have known by the size of his feet when he was a baby that he was going to be a really big cat.

Friday, March 1, 2013


This has been one really busy week.  I committed to making some pieces for another clay guild and I finally finished them.  Took these pictures quick so they aren't great but you get the idea.

Item #1 - A purse bling, key chain.

Item #2 - Purse bling or key chain.

Item #3 - Purse bling or key chain.  This is my husbands favorite.

Item #4 - Purse bling or key chain.

Item #5 and last but not least another purse bling or key chain.

Two weeks ago at our clay guild meeting we did a cane swap and I used one of the canes to make a very large lentil bead.

Love the colors in this. Haven't decided what I want to do with it yet.

A friend of mine has Parkinson's Disease.  He asked if I would make him one of my twist pens but in black so he could use it at work.

He really has a hard time concentrating when he is writing especially if the pen is too small for his hand.  I buy the pen parts at Boston Clay Works and cover them in polymer clay.  They are really easy to put together.

Now I've some requests for pendants and I have to get my things ready for our craft fair on March 23rd and my husband had surgery on Tuesday this week.  He had a tumor the size of a large lemon on his neck pressing on his peratid gland.  He's home and he's fine now but it's been quite a week.  I did meet a sweet little girl in the waiting room by the name of Sadie.  She kept me company and helped me relax.  

She was 8 weeks old and if I didn't have Buster, I would have paid anything for her.
There's nothing like puppy kisses to make you happy, calm and relaxed.

Her dad was teaching her to sit up.  Wish I wasn't shaking so much when I took the picture.

Back to work but I need to give Buster a hug.