Monday, October 26, 2009


This bracelet is made of polymer clay
and it's mostly Studio by Sculpey. It's
what I call the lightning storm cane. I
love the way these beads turned out. I
put this on a stretch cord with antique
gold beads in between. I put one something
like it on Etsy.


A few years ago I came across a tutorial
for a "Spliced Cane". I was intriqued with
the way each cane came out different. I like to make canes to have on hand and I use a lot of my left over clay for canes. I decided to try a Spliced Cane using Studio by Sculpey clay. The original instructions say you should cut the cane in 3 and put it together and then cut that in 2 pieces and put it together. The first part of the cane is done in a triangle. I like the one triangle all by itself. On the secret compartment key chain to the right I cut the triangles and laid them between each other and it formed this pattern. On the other one, I laid the triangles at an angle and then rolled it together. I like the way they both came out with the patterns. When it's warm, the Studio clay doesn't hold a
cane form very well but you can put it
in the refrigerator in between cuttings and it
works great.


This picture got shadowed but you can tell by looking at it what these are. My friend Brenda asked me to make her some polymer clay earrings. The green, purple and pink are made with Studio By Sculpey Clay and so are the red posts in the middle. I polished the far right ones with Future. I think I like the matte finish the best. She hasn't seen these yet, she will tonight. She wears wild clothes to work and wanted earrings to go with. Hope these work.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is the new Polymer Clay Calendar created by Marjorie Oxman. It is beautiful. The pictures are stunning. Marjorie did a great job. I'm so thrilled to be part of this calendar. My Chunky Olive Bracelet is part of March. If you are a Polymer Clay Enthusiast, you have to have one of these calendars. The link below is where you can purchase the calendar. There are websites for all the contributors on the last page and if you would like to submit some work to Marjorie for the calendar next year, she has her email address and website in the calendar. These would make great gifts. My whole family and all my friends are going to get one.

I'm just getting back from a two week road trip to Wisconsin. We left Arizona at 10:00 am on Tuesday and it started raining when we got Amarillo, Texas and never stopped. We drove in torrential rain for 3 days. The first morning in Wisconsin it was 25 and the car windows were frosted over. I was not a happy camper. The next day it warmed up and started raining again. It was either cold or raining or cold and raining. I'm not a good passenger when it's raining. My husband kept asking if I brought any Valium with me. He got a cold and sore throat while we were so I can't say a good trip was had by all. We did what we had to do while there (family junk) and got out as soon as possible. The day we left it started raining again.

I'm so happy to be home and doing clay again. Going to put a lot of stuff on Etsy for Christmas.

I'm so glad to be back in Arizona. The weather is gorgeous now and I can go walking and golfing and biking.

Thanks for visiting and please buy one or ten of those calendars, they really are superb.

Clay on and on and on and on and on.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This week I was playing around with some left over Studio clay that I had and decided to make a lightning storm cane to see how it would work with the Studio clay. It came out pretty good but as you know the Studio clay doesn't shine even after it's sanded and polished. I made the beads in the picture and put them in the tumbler for two days and I'm gonig to make a bracelet with them with some silver and maybe some Hematite beads, not sure yet but I like the looks of them. They remind me of Arizona storms.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today is an exciting day for me. I got an email from Marjorie Oxman saying the Polymer Clay calendar is ready. Marjorie sent me an email about 6 months ago asking if she could use my Funky Chunky Olive Bracelet on her 2010 calendar that she was going to publish. It's a calendar with all polymer clay artists from around the world.
She has worked very hard putting it together and has done a stunning job from what I've seen on the website. I already ordered 8 of them. I'm going to send them to my relatives whether they want them or not.
I would love it if you would support her hard work. You can see the calendar at I feel really privileged to be in the company of Eugena and the other artists who contributed to the calendar.
Thank you Marjorie.

Friday, October 2, 2009

This pendant was done with a Lisa Pavelka method that I can't remember the name of. It's a lot of fun. I used some clay that I had laying around and bought a rubber stamp that is used for making soap. I put little pieces of clay in the stamp, sliced the top off and laid it on another piece of clay for the background. I then put it on a piece of clay that I textured and put some Pearlex on it before I baked it. After I baked it I put some DG3 in the openings. I like the way that dried. The cut of the main piece is a little offset and I was going to fix that but I liked it the way it was. I'm getting tired of being symmetrical. I've started using ribbons on some of my pieces and I think it makes for a younger appeal to the piece.

Right now I can't find the top of my work table. I've been doing clay and doing clay and doing clay and not putting things back where they were but I think that's when I get kreative. I've had the windows open for two days and it's been wonderful.

I've been looking at all the blogs that I have on my website and these girls are doing beautiful stuff. Please look at Alice Stroppel's website, she has some great tutorials. Check

out "It's All About Creating" and see Marlene Brady's beads from a long time ago on a demo table. They look pretty big to me but she wears big stuff and it looks good on her.