Friday, July 26, 2013


I need to dust and vacuum and wash floors and clean my office and iron.  It's raining here in Arizona so I think that's a sign that says I should do polymer clay or Kumihimo and let all that other stuff wait till it stops raining.  LOL

A friend of mine from home has a niece who has a severe brain problem and had to have surgery.  They are going to have a benefit for her to raise money to help with the expenses.  I made some Kumihimo bracelets and some polymer items for them to use in the raffle.  The blue and white pendant was a polymer cabochon that I beaded around and did a Kumihimo necklace.

I sent 5 of the red, white and blue bracelets, my friends are very patriotic.

My girl friends birthday was yesterday.  She is the mom of the three dogs that I walk every day.  I made her a purse table holder and made a box with Champ's picture on the top.  I want to steal him but Buster doesn't care too much for him.

I just finished this and put it in my Etsy shop.  The polymer pendant is made from the braided cane I did a few weeks ago.  It's a purse bling/key chain.  The Kumihimo beaded part was done with Megatamas, drops and seed beads.

I think I better iron or my sweetie will run out of shirts.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Not enough hours in the day especially when you have to take a nap.  AND, I do.  I get up every day at 5 and go take my friend's 3 dogs for a walk and then I get in her pool to cool off.  It's so hot here in Arizona right now the dragon flies are diving bombing the pool.  Anyway, I have been really busy making pendants.

These are all made with polymer clay in bezels and then covered in resin.

I really like the white ones.  These are also polymer covered with resin.  The two on the right are from a cane I made a couple of weeks ago.

The second heart is a Natasha cane made from the left over Mokune Gane I did for the shower pens.  I like the third one in the brass bezels with the blue Swarovski crystals.

The cross in the middle is not polymer.  I poured alcohol ink in the cross to see what would happen and when it dried it was beautiful.  I laid the jump rings and the crystals in and put the resin in.  Most of these have 2 or 3 coats of resin.  The one on the right was sanded and buffed, no resin.
These two have both been sanded and buffed.  I love doing Natasha pieces with left over clay.



One minute he's the sweet Buster.
The next minute he's the "ALIEN IN THE BRAINS BUSTER".

Going to the show where it's cool and I can have popcorn for lunch.  LOL

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Birthday Presents

I have 16 relatives/friends who have birthday's in July.  Some get cards, some get gifts.  My great niece is going to get this next week.  She loves cats and she loves Buster even though she's never seen him in person.  I send her pictures on the computer.  She's only 10 so I think she will like this.

The beads are done in Kumihimo.  The pendant is polymer clay.

This is a pendant I bought at Michael's.  The woman in the picture is Esther Williams.  For you young things out there who don't know who that is, she was the greatest female swimmer in the 1940's and 50's.  She made movies with famous male stars AND she was beautiful and feminine.  She swam in the Olympics and she was not like the muscle bound swimmers you see now days.  She was my mother's favorite so when I saw this, I knew it would be perfect especially since it says "rock on sister".  I changed the beads on the bottom and the necklace and bracelet are done in Kumihimo with pink beads and crystal Megatamas.

Time to go walk the dogs and go for a swim.

Thursday, July 4, 2013



Hope you have a wonderful day.

Please say prayers for the fire fighters who lost their lives in the Yarnell, AZ fire last Sunday.  Their families need prayers at this time.  This T-Shirt is being sold by  They are $10 and $7 will go to the people in Yarnell and their families.  I ordered 5 of them.  The fire has not been contained yet and even though we are 80 miles from there, we can still smell the smoke.  I have no ties to this company except for the fact that I called the owner to find out if this was real.  It is.  They give back to the community and I will support them.

I've been wearing my red, white and blue clothes and jewelry for a week now and today we probably aren't going any where because it's going to be 112 and very humid.

The bracelet is Kumihimo and the earrings are brick stitch.

Yesterday I baby sat my friends two dogs while she had the carpet cleaned.  Buster was not a happy camper.
This is Buster giving them the "Evil Eye".  That's how the picture turned out, I was laughing.  Look at his back hunching up.  He never does that.

This is Buster and Champ going nose to nose.  All hell broke loose right after that.

This is Beau.  He's thinking, those two idiots need to sit down and relax.

I wanted to do some clay yesterday but the cat ran under the bed and I couldn't get him out because every time I went under the bed, Champ went under there and Buster got even more upset.  Things are back to normal, Buster is watching the lizards on the patio and is very calm now.

Hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July.  Be safe.  Don't drink and drive and watch your children near water.