Sunday, December 29, 2013


A good friend of mine spent a lot of time in the Navy and while there, she ended up being a sharp shooter.  She still shoots and is very good at it.  And then there's me.  My husband wanted me to get my Concealed Carry license and thought I should be able to shoot a gun.  He bought me a gun and we went out to the range.  Talk about being scared.  HOLY MOLY.  The first 10 shots hit the dirt and it didn't get much better after that.  So we took the class and I don't know why I thought they were going to teach me how to shoot.  Well, I was the only one in the class that didn't pass.  There was an 85 year old guy in the class using a revolver, even he passed.  I cried all day.   Now you have to understand, the biggest trophy I have is for trap shooting.  I use to work for Snap-On Tools and they had a woman's trap shooting team.  I had my own 12 gauge, cleaned it myself and loaded my own shells.  So, 30 years later, what's with the little gun thing????  I think getting older has a lot to do with being able to do a lot of things.  Now in Arizona you don't need a license to carry.  The only thing I want to carry is my purse and coupons for Michaels and Joann's.  LOL  Anyway, I found some little gun charms because I wanted to make her some earrings.  They are in the mail now.

I ordered an ornament mold from After Midnight.  My plans were to make a bunch and put them on my tree but life got in the way again.  Tile guys, carpet, dry wall, etc.  At least I got one made and put it on my friend Evelyn's Christmas gift.
OK, I had to publish this blog and then go back and do an edit in order to add another picture.
Is anyone else having that problem?  This is driving me nuts.  I'm going to go over to another web page and try to post again and see what happens.
One good thing about the flood we had is that I have cleaned every closet and cabinet in the house.  Made some critical decisions about getting rid of things I haven't used in a year and got rid of them.  It feels so good to go to a closet and find things now.  I have two more storage areas and the garage to do and then I'm done. 
Hope you have a wonderful and healthy New Year.  I hope to be able to more polymer clay and beading now that I have the closets cleaned.  LOL

Friday, December 27, 2013


I tried up-down loading this picture yesterday and it wouldn't take.
This is my sweet Buster waiting in his carrier while the carpet guys were going in and out of the house and had to have the doors open.  He stayed in there for 4 hours and then he started rolling around so I knew it was time.  Today is a special day for him and John and I.  It was 2 years ago today that I brought him home from the shelter.  He was so tiny but had really big feet.  Every day has been a fun day with him around here.  He even has a following on facebook.
I just tried to put up another picture of him and it won't let me.
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OK, I just went back and there were 3 blogs that never went to post from draft.  I'm sure that was operator error.  LOL  So I did an edit on this one and it let me add another picture.  I'm confused.
Anyway, this was Buster 3 days after I brought him home.  He was either climbing up the screens or dive bombing into garbage cans.
I just tried to put up another picture and it won't let me.
I give up.
I don't understand this.  I went back and did an edit on this post and it let me add another picture.  I've looked at all the options on the blog and it doesn't say anything about only being able to do one picture at a time.
Isn't he cute?  We still haven't found that collar.  We took it off him the second day he was home.  I think he buried it in the cat liter and it's gone.  When I got him his name was Leroy and that's what his tag said.  He definitely is a Buster.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


I've tried putting pictures on this blog 6 different times now and they don't work.  One will and the next one won't.  I'm going to try one more time.

I've been MIA for a couple weeks.  We had the flood, then the tile guy came and then the carpet guys now we need painting but I'm taking a month break till I have to take all the clothes out of the closets again.  I finally got my tree up but it only has 5 ornaments on it.

I finished the frames for my sister, niece and nephew and wife for Christmas.
OK, this one worked.  They all love Turner the dog so I made dog frames for all of them.  My sister tried to kiss him and he pulled away.  I think she thinks it's her grandson.  LOL
I just tried to put a picture of Buster up here and it won't take.  I'm getting frustrated.
I just tried to upload 15 different pictures and it won't let me.
Can someone help me please?