Friday, February 28, 2014


This is my final piece that I'm sending to Oklahoma for their clay retreat.
The shoe was made from a polymer clay cane done in the braided technique that I am going to demo at our guild this month.  I put resin on top and then the words and more resin.  I wish I could remember what colors I used when I made this cane.  I know I added Premo Pearl to all the colors to make them sparkle.
The box is going in the mail today.  They do an auction of donated items to help pay for girls to go to school who can't afford it.  I think it's a wonderful cause.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I got a little box in the mail a couple days ago and when I opened it I was really surprised.  I got the most beautiful pendant in the mail from Lynda Moseley.  And, it came in an adorable little pouch.
She inspires me so much.  Some of the best pieces I've made came from the tutorials I bought from Lynda.  It's amazing how much she shares.  Here's her Etsy website if you are a polymer clay person you will love her Flawless Mica Shift tutorial.
Thanks Lynda, I plan to put something very special in that little package.


I just finished this necklace that I call "Dreams in Black and White".  The pendant was done in black and white Mokume Gane using one of Penni Jo Couches Best Flexible Molds.  On the back, I used Magic Glos and a rub on that says DREAMS.  I'm going to be sending this one to Oklahoma for their clay retreat.

I have one more piece to do and then they will be going in the mail.

Monday, February 17, 2014


I've been trying to make a box full of things to donate to another clay guild for their retreat.  By this time last year I had 12 things done and ready to ship.  For the past year I've been getting migraines at least twice a week sometimes 3 and I would be down and out for two days with them.  I've been to many doctors and apparently there is no cure so they just keep giving me drugs.  I found a new doctor who told me to quit taking pain pills because they cause rebound headaches and she put me back on Imitrex which has helped tremendously.  I use to take them but one of the doctors I went to told me that women over 35 could have a stroke or heart attack from taking them.  My new doctor is young and well trained in medications and said there is no evidence to support this.  She is also sending me to a neurologist because I can't tolerate beta blockers or calcium channel blockers which is the new thing for migraines.  When I get a migraine I get flashing and lose my sight for 30 minutes and for about two hours I have trouble speaking because of the pain.  This new drug has been wonderful, my migraines are gone in 4 hours and I can function.  OK, so you migraine sufferers out there, if you aren't on Imitrex and you are taking a lot of pain pills, STOP, it makes the condition worse.  OK, I'm done on this but I wish I had known all this for the last 10 years especially about the rebound headaches.  I had a migraine yesterday but because of the Imitrex I was able to finish a piece.

This is gold, blue, white and pearl Premo done in Mokume Gane.  Then I used one of Penni Jo Couches molds.  The top has Magic Glos on it and then I put the word "Beautiful" on it.  The chain has an angel on it and I attached it to a toggle so it can hang on a wall or on a lamp.  I really like the way this turned out.  Those are my high school colors (had two friends remind me since we have a class reunion coming up this year).

Had a fun day at clay guild Saturday.  My friends Lupe Meter and Idelle Cheney did demos.  Lupe did a demo on transferring pictures to clay.  I'm going to try it again.  I've only had 3 that worked.  She thinks I need to use fresher clay so we are going to give a go.

Have a good Presidents Day.  Hope your muse is in full power.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Going to start out with Buster's Valentines Day Picture.  He was so happy to have me do this.
He cracks me up.

I've been trying to work on some things to send to another polymer clay guild for their retreat but I've been having some migraine problems and testing new drugs and not having a lot success so I've gotten much done in the past couple weeks.  Hope to be able to be more productive soon.  But, I did manage to finish a few pieces.
These are key chain blings.  The bottom one was made with a cane that I made in the Sarah Shriver class and put it in a mold from Penni Jo Couch.  The top one is a swirly lentil bead I made from a flower I cane I had made.  The top beading is Kumihimo and the bottom one is strung beads.
This is one of favorite things to do and I have to make a new one for myself.  I hope whoever gets this can give him a good name and a good home.  If I could top watching the Olympics I bet I could get more done.  LOL

Today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine.  We moved to Arizona 12 years ago from Wisconsin and right now I'm glad I'm here.  I was shocked to find out that 6 friends from high school also lived out here and we have been meeting for lunch every month.  It's been so much fun.  I don't want to tell you how old I am but we are having our 50 year class reunion this year.  Anyway, we had lunch together last Friday so I made her a bling.
Did you see the video of the new Stroppel Cane?  It's pretty cool and a good way to use old canes again.  Here's the youtube link  I tried one yesterday and I really like it.  I made a couple pendants but didn't finish them yet.  Here's the piece I made from the cane.
Hers are really better but this was a quickie and it was fun.
Thanks for another great cane Alice.