Thursday, April 16, 2015


The on-going experiment of using Pebeo Prisme in a mold has come to an end.

After 72 hours I tried to pop the paint out of the mold,  it didn't pop.  It shredded and was a mess.
I cleaned the mold with alcohol and Armor All.  This is what was left.  I put some Magic Glos in the mold and left it in the UV light for 30 minutes.  When I took it out, the side that touched the mold was really sticky.  I put it back in the UV light but that didn't solve the stickiness.  I cleaned the mold out again and put clay in it and it came out fine so the mold is not a loss.

This is the resin pendant I made after pulling the paint out.  On the sticky side, I painted it with Pebeo Vitrail paint which is a translucent paint.  Then I put Pebeo glitter paint on that.

After the glitter paint dried, I put Prisme colors on the other side.  I waited 2 days for it to dry and then I sprayed both sides with resin spray.  The back with Vitrail on stayed sticky for 2 days and the side with the Prisme wasn't sticky at all.  Might be the glitter paint.  I guess I'll have to put Magic Glos on that side.  The resin spray is really strong smelling.  The colors in this are emerald, violet, cinnamon and egg shell.

So, the moral of the story is, don't put the Pebeo paints in flexible rubber molds.

If you are interested, the molds come from Best Flexible Molds  These are my favorite molds.  You can use UV resin in them but not two part resin.

This is a set I just finished using Cherry Blossom and turquoise Prisme.  The great thing about these paints is, if you don't like how the pattern turns out or the color, you can pull it out and start over.  Unfortunately, you can't do that on a canvas.

The sling is gone so I can clay but I have to use a motor so it's very noisy.  I'm working on little bowls to put rings in.  I need one for my rings and my favorite earrings.

Four more weeks of therapy and I'll be able to iron, vacuum and mop floors. OH BOY!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy.  I'm so excited, I just can't hide it.  That nasty sling is hanging on the door.  I don't have to wear it during the day anymore, only at night so I don't forget I can't roll over and use my arm and shoulder to lift myself up.  Can't bowl or golf yet but soon I hope.

Anyway,  I decided to try something with these Pebeo paints.  As you know, I love flexible molds but mostly  Best Flexible Molds.  I put the paint right in the mold.
When I first put it in, it made it's little cells like always but the next day, this is what I found.  It takes 72 hours for the paint to dry so tomorrow I'm going to try to get it out of the mold..  I'll let you know how it works.

Since I can't do clay because I can't use my shoulder, I'm still making pendants with the "magic paint".  I have 4 types of the Pebeo paints that I'm playing with.  The pendant on the top right has 3 of the 4 types of paint in it.  One of the paints is called Vitrail and it's like a translucent glass paint.  I love the lemon color.

Stay tuned for more of the Mad Scientist.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


About a month ago I saw something on facebook that a friend did.  I was absolutely fascinated.  I knew it wasn't clay but I couldn't figure out what it was.  Then someone mentioned the word "PEBEO".  So off to Google I went. 30 minutes later I ordered two sets of these paints.  After seeing this youtube I knew I had to try  Pebeo Youtube.  THEN, I saw something on facebook about two groups all about these paints.  Well, you saw a few things I did on the previous post.  I made a cross with Magic Glos in one of the Best Flexible Molds cross molds.  I put the paint on top of the resin and then put Magic Glos on the top of the paint.

So, I then I watched this video again and saw that she was using another Pebeo Paint called Cerne.  It comes in little tubes and it can be used for outlining or separating the paints.  So, I got myself a tube of gold, black and silver.  They come with two tubes on top.

The writing on the back is so small I couldn't read it and there were no instructions.  I took the gold tube and removed the black cap, squeezed it, AND, the whole bottom of the tube blew out.  I had gold paint all over my glasses, all over the floor, on my table, my clothes and in my hair.  Since I'm still wearing a sling, my husband came in and cleaned the floor.  Then he took me in the bathroom and used odorless mineral spirits to get the paint out of my hair.  Wasn't exactly odorless.  He could not believe what a mess this little tube of paint made.

Well, couldn't let it go.  It was operator error so I took the silver tube and poked a hole in the top of the foil, put the tubes back on and tried it in the rectangle pendant.  Worked great but I had to do two layers because the pendant was so deep.  The green and midnight blue pendant has a black squiggly line down the middle.  I don't really like it but I'm becoming the "MAD SCIENTIST" with all these paints.  Pebeo also makes two other paints called Moon and Vitrail.  Watch for upcoming posts about those two.  Hoping I won't be wearing them.

Now, where am I going to store them?

Thursday, April 2, 2015


OK, it's been 9 days since I've had this shoulder surgery and enough is enough.  This sling is making me crazy.  I've never worn a cast but I can't imagine how nuts that would make me.

I downloaded Downton Abbey to my Kindle.  I wake up thinking about that family and go to bed thinking about that family.  I think it's the sling.  Brain cells are moving around to places they have never been before.  I have to wear pajama bottoms all day and my husbands shirt because I only have one hand that Ican pull my pants up and down with.  I'm going to burn these when this is over too.

I can't walk the dogs, I can't do polymer clay, I can't drive the car, I can't lift a coffee pot.  I guess I should have practiced being left handed.

I decided to work with the new Pebeo paints since I can do that with my hand and don't have to use my arm but sometimes I forget when I using Magic Glos and lift the bottle.  TORTURE.

These are some pieces I finished today but I can't decide if I want them to be pendants or not.  I made the crosses in molds with Magic Glos and then used the paint and put Magic Glos on them again.

I painted the backs with Pebeo Moon paint.  The violet cross has Magic Glos on the back but the white one doesn't yet.

I did these yesterday and used E6000 to put the bail on the cross.  I hate that smell.  I no sooner got it on and I was moving it to the small table and I hit the sling and dropped it in the garbage can.  Naturally there was a toothpick stuck to it that had paint on it.  Good thing Magic Glos cleans up easy, the E6000 not so much but it's fine now.

You should see me trying to eat eggs with my left hand.  They usually slide off the fork on to the table and I have to chase them.  Doesn't stop me from eating.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Today at noon I'm having shoulder surgery on my right arm.  Won't know till he gets in there if the rotator cuff needs building up or not.  If it does, this will be a long recuperation.

Yesterday I tried to eat an egg with my left hand and the first bite rolled off the fort and landed on the table.  I tried brushing my teeth with my left hand, it was cumbersome but worked ok.  Got a few other things I have to deal with that I can't talk about on here but I bet I learn fast how to cope with those.

I'm wondering why all people weren't born to be ambidextrous?  I'm going to be wearing a sling for two weeks and can't even take it off at night.  This thing is huge, not sure how that's going to work.

Anyway, last week my good friend Lupe Meter  came over and showed me how to weave these little purses with yarn and cord.  I have at least 1000 rolls of yarn and cord.
This is my purse.  I just grabbed what was available.  It needs a liner and straps.  Thought I would get that done before surgery but it didn't happen so that's on my list to do when my shoulder is better  Thank you Lupe, that was really fun.

Then I bought this paint.  They call it the "Magic Paint" because it does funny things when it starts to dry so I had to try it.

The top picture was my first try.  Those are metal bezels with the paint in them and Magic Glos on top.

The bottom picture is polymer clay pendant/bezels that I made and filled with paint and they also have Magic Glos on them.  I have 7 more I'm to finish before I leave for surgery and I have to pack my clothes to take and put the laundry away and here I am at my blog again.  DUH

I think I'm nervous and I know I won't be able to use my right hand to type for 2 weeks at least.

These are on my list to finish into pendants when I can use my arm again.  I started scanning old pictures and I have to finish that when I get my arm back.  Now I just need someone to come over and do my hair and put makeup on me, change the cat litter twice a week, mop the tile, vacuum the carpets, wash the sheets and iron the clothes, etc.  Ok, just put some makeup on me and fix my hair.
Who cares if I'm wrinkly..........I'm talking about my clothes.