Monday, December 12, 2016


This is the third one I made.  The other two got bought in a jiffy.  I put this one on Etsy.  This is done using Kumihimo the Japanese Braiding technique.

Made these earrings for my friend because she loves snowmen.

  Going to try to make more but not as fast as I made these.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Making these bowls is really getting me crazy.  I love doing this.

The bowls in the picture above are for my sister and two nieces.  My sister wanted something with birds so I used the silk screen that came with the Sculpey kit to make that one for her.  She likes blue so the base of the bowl is blue and there are blue Swarovski crystal on it.  The top left was done with a stencil and the top right was done with scrap clay.  I really like that one and it can't be duplicated.

This is the back of the three bowls.  The top right was done with a texture sheet and the other two were done with the extra pieces of clay with the silk screen and stencil.  If you click on the pictures you can see them close up and see the details.

Every time I sit down at my table I say I'm going to do something else and then I end up making another ring dish.

I have a great niece that I absolutely adore.  She's 17 months old and so happy.  I made her this Minnie Mouse hat because that's who she reminds me of.

This was my poor Buster after the Packers lost Sunday.  He was so sad but he still loves them.  He's hoping they beat the Bears Thursday and that his mom quits putting hats on him.

Monday, October 3, 2016


I've been gone a while from blogging because I've been taking my best friend back and forth every day to see her husband.  He got sick in February and was in the hospital and almost died.  Then he was sent to a rehab facility and got really sick there so he ended up in another hospital.  Then he was sent to a group home for 3 months.  My friend has macular degeneration and can't see to drive.  It's been a long 7 months.  He's home now and doing good so I'm finally back into playing with clay.

A couple weeks ago my good friend Lupe came over and gave me a little silver candle holder.  I wasn't sure what she wanted me to do with it but she said she thought it would make really pretty jewelry dishes then she left to me to my own devices.  LOL  So after bugging her for two days and asking her questions, the light came on.  Poor Lupe was working on her pieces for an art fair but she was kind enough to answer my emails and explain things to me.  Now I can't stop making these things.  Thank you Lupe.

These are for my friend's sisters in Kansas.  Already in the mail.

This is the bottom of the bowls.  They take 5 bakings.

This is one I made for a friend who doesn't like bling and glitz so she gets no crystals on this one.

These are the first two I made with silk screens.  I love the one on the right with the cats.  Had a little trouble with the black paint.  The one on the left was a test.  The silver paint didn't show up as much on the purple but I still like it.  I put edges on the these two and that was a pain.  After seeing Lupe's beautiful bowls I realized I didn't need to add an edge.

Thanks again Lupe.  I'm really enjoying this.

Sunday, July 31, 2016


I haven't blogged since April.  Life just keeps getting in the way.  That and migraines.

I hate to be a downer when I write on my blog but 4 weeks ago my heart got broken again.
I have been walking my friend's dogs for 4 years since her husband died.  Beau was the oldest.  He just turned 13 and was the sweetest and most lovable dog.  He loved walking and he was very protective.  He got an eye infection and the vet gave him drops and he was doing good.  I went there on Saturday to walk him and his little brother and he was happy and doing really good.  On Sunday he wasn't hardly moving and acted like he wasn't feeling good so I didn't take him.  We took him to the vets on Monday for a follow up for his eye and while we were sitting in the room waiting for the vet, Beau had a seizure.  He started going around in circles and his head kept going back and forth and around.  I ran and got the vet and he confirmed it was a seizure.  Beau's eyes started darting back and forth and he couldn't keep his head up straight.  We took him home with some meds but he wouldn't take them, he wouldn't eat and he was very sick.  We took him back the next morning and I carried him.  I sat in the back seat with him on my lap and he hardly moved but his eyes still kept darting back and forth.  He couldn't walk so I carried him in and held him.  The doctor said it appeared he had brain damage from the seizure and has lost control of his bladder and bowels and appeared to be in pain because of the way he was laying.  He wouldn't drink anything so I put a little water in my hand and was surprised he licked it but then dropped his head again.  We knew he wasn't coming home with us.  I kissed him goodbye and he licked my face.  We said goodbye and held him.
I'm still not over this.  I feel like I've lost a child and he wasn't even mine.  I just wanted to say Rest In Peace my special dear Beau.  I love you still and miss you.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Many years ago a friend of mine bought me a very expensive golf stroke counter and it was made of plastic.  It was nice but my friend said "why don't you make some of these with your polymer clay beads?"  The first time I put them in my Etsy shop I sold 10 counters in a week and got orders for more.  For a while, I wasn't keeping up very well with my Etsy shop but I decided it was time to get back into it.  I sell the counters for $15 and shipping and I know with all the work I put into them I'm not making any money but if I raised the price, I wouldn't sell any either.

These are a few of the latest ones I put in my shop.  I make the beads, bake them, put three coats of glaze on them and bake them again.  Every counter has some glitzy beads on the bottom.  They can be used to keep track of how many times you walk around the block and how many times you let the dog out.  

Here's my Etsy Shop check it out.

I'm going golfing.