Friday, November 7, 2014


A couple years ago our guild sponsored a class with Barbara Maguire and we spent two days learning how to make a face cane.
That was one of the most intense classes I've ever taken but when it was over, I had 8 inches of face cane.  Not sure what to do with it, I made a couple pendants.
On this one I used some Stroppel can that I had made.
This is the second one I made and called it "Please don't leaf me".  Nice eyebrows huh?
I made this necklace and earrings and put this in our craft fair and a young girl bought it first thing.

While we were doing the face cane each part of the face had to be done separately, my biggest problem was the mouth.  The eyes are a little wonky but I think every ones eyes are a little wonky.

I ended up having eye canes and mouth canes left after putting the face together.  I was organizing my canes the other day and came across these two canes and a big piece of the face cane.  Hard as I tried, I couldn't get them to reduce very well.

I had an order for my magnetic, refrigerator pens. A lady in Tempe wants to sell them in her boutique and I showed her the ones I made a couple weeks ago and she went crazy over them.  Bought 5 right on the spot.  I was making the pens and saw the face cane parts sitting there, just couldn't leave it alone.

She asked me to make more of these but I couldn't find my directions on how to make an eye cane.  I asked 5 other people and they can't find their's either.  Good thing I take pictures.  I found the step by step details when we were making the canes in my clay class pictures.  If you click on the picture you can see them closer.  The one on the top right was taken from a whole piece of face cane that I cut the eyes out of.  It's funny, I hung one on the refrigerator and it really looks like it's following you around the kitchen.  Well, maybe the wine had something to do with it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Not too long ago I taught myself how to do "netting" with beads.  I ordered 1,000,000 little black beads because I was tired and didn't quit hitting the "0".  I decided to make a necklace not knowing what I was getting into.
About half way through, I asked myself why am I doing this because my eyes were burning and the cat was trying to get thread away from me.  I think I used a 300 foot spool of Fireline.  I'm not sure but I think there are at least 2000 beads on it.  I originally put a piece of wire through it and put beads on the ends with a lobster claw.  I finished it, put it away and forgot about it.  I found it the other day when I was looking for something else and decided I wanted a different end on it.  I like this a lot better.  I took the wire out and it hangs softer and lays better.  I made a pair of earrings to match but then realized I don't have a tee shirt that goes with this.  I brought it to a vendor fair to show my friend who was cooking there and a lady came up and was admiring it.  She asked how much I wanted for the set and I said $60.  She told me that wasn't enough.  I put it away but was wondering how someone who does reverse mortgages for a living knows how much a necklace should sell for and went and got myself a hot dog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The other day I opened a box that was on the shelf in my studio.  It scared me half to death.  All the little pendants on the inside started yelling "FINISH ME, FINISH ME".  So I took them out and took out my beading board and put them on one at a time and told them I would do the best I could to finish them.  After two hours I had every bead I owned, every crimp, crimp cover, chain, toggle and 4,000 feet of wire on my table.  Does this happen to just me?  I still have 3 boxes full of pendants and pieces that need finishing, my office looks like an explosion and I can't find the top of my work table but I did manage to finish some things.

Love this heart made from the Randee Ketzel tutorial.

This is Mr. October.

Husband approved this one.

I love this one.  Another one from the Randee Ketzel tutorial.

Purple and turquoise, my favorite color combination.

I hear more pendants calling me.  

Maybe it's just the voices in my head or it could be a sinus infection.  Now, if I can find the top of my work table it will be a wonderful day.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Even though I live in Arizona it gets cold here in the morning.  Today it's 58 but in no time it will be in the 90's.  But, in the winter, mornings are pretty cold and when I play golf I take the golf cart and my ears get cold or when I walk my friends dogs my ears and forehead get cold and then I get a headache.  While I was down with my foot surgery I decided to make myself an ear warmer.  My friends saw them and asked if I could make some for their grand kids back home in Wisconsin.  We are meeting for lunch today and they are leaving to go back in a week so I had to hustle.  They all have handmade buttons. The dog and duck button have been altered slightly.  Most of them are from polymer clay.

This is a Green Bay Packer ear warmer for my friends grandson.

I was sewing the buttons on with Nymo thread because it's so strong.  One night we saw Buster running around with something hanging out of his mouth.  We chased him around the house for 5 minutes before we finally got him.  He took the thread off my table and there was a needle on it.  The needle was hanging out of his mouth.  He had swallowed the thread.  I pulled on the needle and got the thread out.  When he was little he would get in the garbage cans and take the dental floss and eat it.  He also loves Fireline so I can't leave that out when I'm beading.  Most cats like yarn, NOT HIM.  He's going to drive me to drink.


This is the first time in 8 years I've missed going to camp with my clay guild.  That foot surgery really did me in.  I'm just now able to put shoes on and not for long.  The nerves are still making sure I know the foot is there.  My friends have been sending me pictures and it looks like I missed a great time and a lot of great demos.  Hopefully, I'll be able to make it next year and things stop breaking on me.


My niece goes to a lot of dress up Halloween parties so I thought I would make her some jewelry.

The bracelet was done with Kumihimo.  Now I only have 12,000,000 Megatamas left to work with.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MEMORY BEADS (Continued)

I made this cross for my brother in law from the rose petals from his mother's funeral.
I embedded the petals in pearl clay.  The Celtic cutter is about 4 inches long so I laid sheets that I textured on the top and bottom before I cut through it to make it thicker.  I baked the cross and then made the base the same way.  I embedded the cross in the base with a generous helping of Genesis to make sure it stuck and then baked it.  It's antiqued with gold iridescent paint.

I made a stamp on the back that says 1913 to 2014.  It's very tiny and I had a little trouble with the paint in order for the numbers to be seen.  You can see the rose petals in the clay in this picture.

I put the petals in a glass jar and they sure do have  strong odor.

The lavender beads in these bracelets are made with translucent clay and rose petals.  That's the color that the clay turned from the rose petals.