Saturday, June 21, 2014

Peg Leg Porker - Half Way Back

Six weeks ago I had foot surgery.  I still can't get my foot in a shoe, the incision hasn't healed and I'm still sitting on my butt most of the day with my foot in the air eating Dove Dark Chocolate.  Last night on TV they were showing a BBQ place called "The Peg Leg Porker".  My husband started laughing and said that would be a good name for me since that's how I walk.  We had words.

I have been able to do a  little polymer clay the last couple of weeks but I can't sit with my foot down very long or it swells up too much.  I've made 10 scarves, 10 ear warmers, an afghan, 2 pair of slippers, 25 pens and I've read 8 books.  I wanted some buttons for my ear warmers so I decided to make my own and play around with the new Sculpey Silk Screen Kit that I ordered.
If you click on the picture you can see these up closer.  The large button on the bottom right was done with the silk screen kit and so was the light purple with the dark purple pattern on it.  It's really fun to do and the patterns that come with the kit are really nice.  I have a bag of button shanks some where here but I couldn't find them so for the two buttons laying sideways, I made my own shank.  One I did with a jump ring and Genesis and one I did using 20 gauge wire.  I'm going to make more buttons for my new ear warmer pattern but I think I'm going to do some different shapes since it's just a decoration and not a functional button.


I forgot to turn my Etsy and Artfire shops off after my surgery.  I got an order from Australia and started to panic.  I checked to see if I could send it via USPS from home and they wanted $23.  I didn't have that included in the price and didn't realize that I made my items available there.  So I bit the bullet, packed it up and had hubby take it to the post office.  It cost me $7.00 to ship but I don't know what year it's going to get there.  If you have an internet store, make sure you check your shipping prices.  I need to do a better job of that.

I did finish a couple pieces and put them in my Etsy store.  I might have to keep this one for me, I love the colors.  And, this was end pieces of a couple different polymer clay things that I did.

Well, back to the couch with my foot in the air.  Good thing I have a lot of electronic devices, iPad, Kindle, iPod, heating pad, TV, 200 knitting needles and crochet hooks. LOL

Buster has been so sweet.  He sits on my chest a couple times every day and purrs and usually does it while I'm reading or knitting.  I washed all the afghans one day and this is what I found.  It's 110 here but he still has to be under the afghan.  Cracked me up when I saw him sleeping like this with his arms outstretched.

I better get back to the couch so I don't miss another episode of Walker Texas Ranger or The Love Boat.