Saturday, August 8, 2015


I got my new Christi Friesen book today about DOGS.

It's a great book and I read it from cover to cover today.

Well, Christi is having a contest on her facebook page.  If you put up a selfie with her Dog Book, you have an opportunity to win Spike the lump mutt.  I don't do selfies.  I do take a lot of pictures of Buster though so I opened the book and called him.  He came running and stood by the book so I could take his picture.  He can be a ham sometimes.

He doesn't like real dogs but he likes this book and Christi said it was OK to put his picture up with the book.

Speaking of dogs.  I got a new sewing machine so the first thing I did was make bandanas for Beau and Champ.


My husband laughed and wanted to know if that's why I bought the new machine so I could make dog bandanas.  Absolutely.
I walk these two every morning for a friend of mine.  This morning we had a scare and my blood pressure shot up.  We were a block from her house and there were 3 coyotes walking up the street toward us.  I grabbed them and we hid in the bushes but they saw me.  One came walking toward us and the dogs started barking like crazy at it and it ran away.  Then another one came and they did the same thing and he ran away.  Champ thinks he is a German Shepherd.  They have no fear.  I had to go home and change my underwear.  When I see them in packs I get scared.  I wear a whistle just in case but I didn't need it today.  That little guy would be no match for a coyote.  Now I have to make more bandanas for my niece and nephew's dogs so says my sister.