Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hi, I'm home at last after 3 weeks of being in the mid-west visiting relatives and friends.  The second week, my sister and I took our 85 year old mother to Branson.  She wanted to go and that was the only week Susie could go.  Do you know how hot it is in Branson in July???  The humidity and heat were incredible.  If there's a recession you couldn't prove it by me.  The hotels, restaurants and shows were all packed.  There is only one street in Branson and the traffic is bumper to bumper and non-stop.  Susie scared me a few times when she just pulled out in the center lane and yelled "HOLD ON".
  Here's the hotel we stayed at:
It's called the Grand Victorian and it was filled every night.  Nice place.

We saw two shows every day which was a little much but we were glad we did.

  The first day we saw the 12 Irish Tenors.  They were great.  Good looking, very upbeat and great voices.  Would highly recommend.

The second day we went to see The Duttons.  They are a family of talented musicians, singers and dancers.  We really enjoyed that show.

  Would highly recommend.


That night we went to see Clay Cooper.  He's a cowboy with an incredible voice and a great sense of humor and drop dead gorgeous.  We had front row seats and he came down, took my hand and MADE me dance with him.  Then he asked me to scratch his back and he hugged me twice.  Guess who's camera didn't work.  Sister Sister.  My friend Anita Brandon pointed out that his name is Clay and isn't it a coincidence that clay is what I do. :0).  TEE HEE HEE.  Ok, so his wife was on stage too.  Big Deal.  Do you know what a gorgeous cowboy smells like when he's hugging you?????  MORE, MORE, MORE.

Jim Stafford

We went to his show the next day and he's pretty funny.  His kids play in the show.  Jim is 66 and has a 17 year old and a 15 year old.  He said Branson was great because he found a nursing home near the high school.

For those of you who don't remember Jim Stafford, he sand the song "I don't like Spiders and Snakes".  He was a world renowned Flamenco guitarist.


The last show we saw was the The Presley's.  They were the first family to put on a show in Branson.  It was a terrific show and we laughed all night.  One of fathers and his son do a comedy act all during the show and they are a stitch.  The music and costumes were very Nashville.  Lot's of talent.  We really enjoyed this show.


If you have never been to Branson, go in October when it isn't so hot and the kids are back in school. :0).


If you get to Branson and can't get tickets for Shoji's show, go to his theatre anyway just to see the bathrooms.  The ladies room is 2400 square feet and they bring in fresh orchids every day.  There is an English maid in there at all times cleaning and freshening things up.  The flowers and the pictures are incredible.  We didn't get to see the men's room but we heard there is a pool table in there and he plays pool with the men before the show.

This is a picture of the men's bathroom that I took off the internet.

This bathroom was bigger than my house.


Another thing you have to do in Branson is ride the ducks.  They give everyone a duck whistle when you get on the duck.  I got up with a headache the morning we took the ride.  Do you know what it sounds like when 40 people are blowing duck whistles?  Sister wore hers all the way home and the next day and the next day.  She will never find that whistle again.

They go on land and water and every time another duck passes going the other way the driver has everyone blow their duck whistle.  Don't go if you have a headache.


Booboo sang and yelled all night Sunday.  I'm guessing he was glad I was home.  We had words about his singing but it didn't help.

I missed him too.

Back to claying tomorrow.  Rose, Judy and Evelyn are coming over for a clay day. I really missed them and doing clay.  Hope to have some pieces to post soon.

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Love the pictures, Bonnie. Glad you back home safe and sound,and glad you had a fun time dancing with Clay Cooper! lol