Saturday, December 18, 2010


My friend Evelyn is a shopper and I'm glad she is.  For Christmas this year she made me a pin and wait till you see what it came in.

This box is so beautiful, I'm going to keep all my treasures in it.  The top is inlaid wood and is gorgeous.

This is my pin, she kind of looks like me but my hair isn't curly anymore.
She's really cute.


If I hear one more man tell me that I'm going to cry.  Evelyn and I are doing frames for our families and friends for Christmas.  The frames don't come with glass.  It says on the frame paper that they are 4 X 6.  The first ones I did I bought some $3 dollar frames from Wal-Mart and took the glass out and used it.  Then I bought some frames from the 99 cent store but the glass was crappy.  We called around and found a guy at True Value that said he would cut 40 pieces of 4 x 6 glass for us for 60 cents a piece.  We were so excited.  Evelyn picked up the glass, I went over and got my half, took it home and it didn't fit.  Quarter inch on both sides.  I almost cried.  I called Evelyn, picked up her glass went back to True Value and this nice guy said he would recut it.  Two hours later I was back at True Value picking up the glass.  Two guys in the store over heard our conversation and said "Measure Twice, Cut Once".  Last night at dinner I was telling our friends about it, guess what the guys said??????  I could myself burning.  Did any of them offer to measure or see what we needed?  NO

The only one that didn't say anything about measuring twice was the nice guy at True Value.  I gave him a good tip and went on my way.

By the way, the True Value stores are selling these cool necklaces.

They are battery powered and they blink fast or slow or stay on permanently.  The little yellow pin blinks too.

I told my husband I wanted something bright and shiny for Christmas (I was thinking diamonds) he came home from True Value the other day with this for me and he was all excited that he found something "BRIGHT AND SHINY".  I guess I'm lucky I didn't get a new vacuum cleaner.

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