Wednesday, December 28, 2011


You all know I lost my 20 year old Booboo in May.  It's been kind of lonely since he went to Rainbow Bridge.

My husband didn't want me to get another cat because of the bad migraines.  We wanted to see if we could figure out what was causing them.

On Christmas, he came home with a box of kitty liter bags, a kitty liter box, a little bed and a cat carrier and rubber balls.  I was so excited.

Yesterday I went to the shelters looking for a gold tiger cat.  I've always had gold tiger cats.  The Sun Valley Shelter had 15 kittens up for adoption and no gold tiger cats.  When I went in the room many of the kittens came over by me and wanted to play.  On the floor looking up at me was the smallest kitten in the room and he just looked like he needed to be held.  I picked him up and he instantly took my necklace in his mouth and held on for dear life.  He started purring right away.  The other kittens were kind of indifferent but this guy wouldn't let go.

He's a tuxedo cat with great markings.  He only weighs 2.3 pounds and I'm not sure he weighs that much.  He hasn't stopped eating since I brought him home.
His new name is Teddy which means "Divine Gift".  Here he is with our neighbors little rat terrier Scooter.  You can see how little he is.
He has to be on my desk whenever I am.  He loves the arrow going around on the screen.  He's very inquisitive and likes sitting on the keyboard.

Last night I waited to see where he wanted to sleep.  He got in bed with me and snuggled right next to me.  He got up once to get a drink of water and came back to bed, got on the pillow and felt around to see if I was there.  Then he got in the little hole he made next to me and went to sleep again.  When I got up this morning he didn't move.  He wanted to stay and sleep but he saw John so he knew it was time to get up.

I really got lucky with this guy.  He's really smart and never leaves me out of his sight.  I don't think he's going to be a big cat.  He's all white on the bottom but has a black mark on his right leg.  He won't sit still for pictures so these are the best I could do so far.

Love my new "Furever Friend".  There are a lot more babies there that need forever homes.  Take a chance.  IT' A WONDERFUL LIFE with an animal.  Unconditional love.


coltpixy said...

He is adorable! ♥

Linda K. said...

Bonnie, he's just adorable. I think he took your necklace in his mouth to tell you he likes jewelry! It sounds as if he loves you already.