Tuesday, August 21, 2012


After spending two weeks in Wisconsin and Chicago, I can't get myself back into clay.  I made the mistake of leaving my Kumihimo loom and beads out and the beading end of the work table has been busy.  I have to push myself over to the clay end of the work table.  Your asking WHAT????????????

Well, I have an 8 foot work table in my office and the right side is dedicated to clay and the left side to beading.
It really comes in handy when my friends and I have clay day here because two people can sit there very comfortably. 
Since I've been back, I've only been working on the left side of table.  The right side is covered with finished pendants.  One of the bead stores near us has been selling my pendants for the last three years.  I feel so bad, they went out of business last Tuesday and won't be reopening again.  The price of rent and repairs on the space they used got to be too much for them.  People ordering on the internet and from China have made a big dent in their business and all other small businesses around the country.  Anyway, I need to finish a few necklaces for the pendants because I'm going to donate them to a benefit for The Arizona Small Dog Rescue in November.  That right end of the table is calling my name though.

My Kumihimo disk looks like it's been through the mill but it serves me well.  I've been making bracelets with some of the millions of beads I have here.

I've put these on Artfire and Etsy and I noticed there are many Kumihimo bracelets on there but their prices are really high compared to what I priced mine at.

Now that I'm writing this, I think I'll finish what's on my left side and start making a mess on my right side.  Does that make me left brained or right brained?

Tomorrow is Buster's birthday.  They said he was born sometime around the last two weeks of August so I thought Buster and I should share a birthday.  This was one of my favorite pictures of him when he was a baby.  He loved getting in the garbage can.  We are going to have a 9 Lives Birthday cake and a couple glasses of wine.


Lupe Meter said...

Your bracelets are gorgeous Bonnie!! My favorite is the white one! Awesome work as usual. Did you notice that once you all started on the Kumihimo,it really took off. I see it all the time now, but yours are stunning! Thanks for running that test on my blog...looks like it works!

KayzKreationz said...

I just recently got a Kumihimo disc, but haven't tried it yet. It looks like so much fun, though. Your bracelets are gorgeous.