Tuesday, October 30, 2012


On Saturday, October 20th our clay guild (Arizona Polymer Clay Guild) had the pleasure of having Penni Jo Couch and her husband Joe come for the day to visit and do a demo.
Everyone at the guild watched as she did her magic with her Penni Jo's Clay Tools.  She also showed us how to use her flexible molds http://www.bestflexiblemolds.com/.  I have a set of tools that I won when I gave them the name she uses on them and then I got lucky to win another set in a drawing.  Haven't decided what I'm going to do with the extra set yet.
OK, speaking of molds.  I'm obsessive compulsive when it comes to her molds.  I think I have them all
This is my box of Penni Jo's molds.  As you can see I use them a lot.
This is a picture of one of Penni Jo's pendants that she did the embroidery flowers and leafs on.  They are so beautiful and she makes the smallest Skinner Blends I've ever seen.  What a great idea.  I always make these 10 pound Skinner Blends and have enough clay to last a year. 
While Penni was doing her magic and wowing the clay guild, Joe sat in the back of the room with his mold and tool display and sold molds and tools to the group.  He was having a good time. 
She showed us a lot of TNT as she calls it.  Tips n tricks.  Sorry I can't divulge them.  You'll just have to invite her to your clay guild.
Thanks Penni Jo and Joe for sharing your time and talents with us.  Looking forward to having come back again next year.
This Friday there is a fundraiser for a lady who lives in our community and does some incredible work.  We live in a retirement community and we have our own posse.  When they find a dog or someone is taken to the hospital and there is an dog left alone they bring it to this wonderful lady who makes sure it is healthy and taken care of.  She has 12 dogs right now that she is trying to find forever homes for.
The little girl on the right is Sweetie.  She is being fostered by my neighbors.
This Friday there is a chili dinner fundraiser to help raise money so this lady can pay her vet bills.  There is going to be a silent auction so I donated some polymer clay items, an afghan and a scarf.
This is the afghan.
This is the scarf.
This is one of the bracelets.  I have some business cards that have cat pictures on them so of course I had to put one in.  I'll let you know what I buy in the silent auction.  I hope a lot of people show up and I heard the chili they are serving is suppose to be really good.

Our city's craft fair is this Saturday and I'm taking a class from Sarah Shriver on Sunday which I'm really excited about.  Going to be a full weekend.

Happy Halloween.

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.

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Lupe Meter said...

I am jealous...look at all those Best Flexible molds that you have! 8) Good luck this weekend...wishing you all much success!