Friday, March 1, 2013


This has been one really busy week.  I committed to making some pieces for another clay guild and I finally finished them.  Took these pictures quick so they aren't great but you get the idea.

Item #1 - A purse bling, key chain.

Item #2 - Purse bling or key chain.

Item #3 - Purse bling or key chain.  This is my husbands favorite.

Item #4 - Purse bling or key chain.

Item #5 and last but not least another purse bling or key chain.

Two weeks ago at our clay guild meeting we did a cane swap and I used one of the canes to make a very large lentil bead.

Love the colors in this. Haven't decided what I want to do with it yet.

A friend of mine has Parkinson's Disease.  He asked if I would make him one of my twist pens but in black so he could use it at work.

He really has a hard time concentrating when he is writing especially if the pen is too small for his hand.  I buy the pen parts at Boston Clay Works and cover them in polymer clay.  They are really easy to put together.

Now I've some requests for pendants and I have to get my things ready for our craft fair on March 23rd and my husband had surgery on Tuesday this week.  He had a tumor the size of a large lemon on his neck pressing on his peratid gland.  He's home and he's fine now but it's been quite a week.  I did meet a sweet little girl in the waiting room by the name of Sadie.  She kept me company and helped me relax.  

She was 8 weeks old and if I didn't have Buster, I would have paid anything for her.
There's nothing like puppy kisses to make you happy, calm and relaxed.

Her dad was teaching her to sit up.  Wish I wasn't shaking so much when I took the picture.

Back to work but I need to give Buster a hug.


Lupe Meter said...

Love your creations, Bonnie...beautiful, they will love them! Glad your hubby is doing better!

Cara Jane said...

wow you have been busy!