Thursday, November 7, 2013


It's been a while since I posted my last blog.  For 3 weeks I felt like my world was on a roller coaster and I couldn't get off.  The roller coaster is still going but not quite as fast.

You all know I'm an animal lover and can't say no when someone asks me to help or donate to an animal organization or a charitable fund for animals.

Two weeks ago there was a benefit to raise money for a lady who rescues small animals.  I told her I would donate some of my handmade items for her silent auction.  I had a deadline and almost didn't make it because of these dam migraines that I get.  I finished the 12 items 2 days before the benefit and the night of the benefit I found out that I was the only one that donated anything.  The whole benefit was not organized very well and I think I've been had but I guess I just learned another lesson.  I also bought $100 worth of tickets and gave them to friends so there would be more people there.  I was told there would be 200 people there and I think there were 50.  I was also told they would be serving wine and beer and told all my friends.  There was none.  My neighbor and I each made 125 cupcakes for the event.  I was going to take the leftovers to a class I was going to the next day and when I went up to get them, they had been packed away by other people who said they were going to be selling them at a luncheon the next day.
So what would you have done?  I just stood there with my mouth open.

Anyway, here are some of the pieces that I donated and I'm glad my neighbors and friends got most of them.
This is a black and white polymer clay cross with a Kumihimo beaded key chain.

Black and white polymer clay cat pendant.

Polymer Clay bead on blue and green turquoise.

Pink and clear crystal stretch bracelet.

Polymer clay cat on silver chain with Swarovski eyes.

Puppy pendant on ribbon.

Polymer clay pendant with an angel cat and a Kumihimo necklace.

These are just a few of the things I donated and I know the person that the benefit was for has done an incredible job of rescuing small animals and I applaud her for the work she's done but next time I will check with the organizers before I spend two weeks going crazy.  

The next day I took a polymer clay class with Sarah Shriver and had to have all my clay conditioned so that was another thing riding the roller coaster with me.  This was a very good class.

Sarah is a wonderful teacher, now I have to spend time putting my canes together.

I was hoping life would calm down a little but it hasn't.  I still walk my friends dogs every morning, I bowl twice a week, golf twice a week, teach beading and Kumihimo and now I'm getting shots to see if they will help with the migraines.  I had two yesterday.  Maybe I should drink more wine. LOL

This is Honey, Beau and Champ on the bottom.  These three have kept me sane, moving and feeling better.  I am now the #1 dog pooper scooper in the neighborhood and wouldn't trade it for a $1,000,000.

Can't forget Buster.  This is the look he gave me when I tried to put his Halloween neck piece on.


Next time you volunteer for something, check it out big time to make sure there's more than one person organizing and planning an event.

I forgot to mention that at the same time, my sister's mother in law was turning 100 and they were having a big birthday party for her.  She lost the bracelet I had made her 3 years ago and was all upset so I had to make two more and get them in the mail in time for her party.

I guess I wasn't done whining.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

What a shame such a great event was marred by poor organization, Bonnie... I guess we all assume that when the cause is just, the path will be clear. NOT. I think I would have done exactly as you did, throw myself into the request and feel a little put out at the result. Perhaps ask for a letter detailing the event, naming committee responsibilities and expected outcomes? Surely any group capable of mounting a successful charity event would have such details available.

Loved your donations and jealous of your "celebrity class" :)

Lupe Meter said...

That was really a shame, Bonnie! Your work is amazing and these are beautiful creations! It also amazes me that you do so much for charities. God bless you!