Saturday, May 31, 2014


On May 5th I had foot surgery that turned out to be more than I bargained for.  I thought they were just going to straighten the big toe on my right foot but they put a titanium plate and 5 screws in foot and fused the bones together.  I had 25 stitches and spent the first week on drugs.  It will be 4 weeks Monday that I have been sitting on the chair with my foot in the air.  I ripped the bandages off the second time they put them on.  My foot swelled so bad it turned black and blue and I had marks in my foot from the bandages that didn't go away for 4 days.  I'm still not allowed to walk without the scooter but the good thing is, guess who I got to get in the scooter so I could take him for a ride?
He won't get in by himself but if I put him there he stays until we stop going around the kitchen.  He's been such a dear since I've been down.  He comes up and lays on my chest a couple times a day.  Buster is such a good cat.

I hate to whine but I really miss doing clay and I see all these things about polymer clay that come up on my iPad.
I'm tired of reading.  I made 4 scarves, 2 pair of slippers and an afghan and a hat.  I've been making Kumihimo pens but can't really sit at my work table long enough to finish them.

The good news is, I got my stitches out Tuesday and was able to take a shower on Wednesday.  I can't tell you how good that felt after 3 weeks.  I'm hoping another two weeks and I'll be able to sit at my work table long enough and do clay and some beading.  This has really been bad though because I've doing a lot of internet shopping.  I bought one of those new spin mops and I'm anxious to try it out.  I bought some more Lock and Lock containers, I absolutely love those things.  I think the neighbors think I'm having an affair with the UPS guy.
My friends have been wonderful.  They bring brownies, jello, licorice, spaghetti, cake, cookies and now I'll have to borrow my husbands underwear because mine is not fitting so good from sitting so much and eating all those wonderful presents.

If you know anyone that is having foot or ankle surgery this Wheel Around thing has been great except now our house needs painting because I don't back up very well.  I've crashed into a few doors and walls.

Wanted to thank everyone for their nice cards and emails.

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