Sunday, January 24, 2016


Since I have a million beads and I can't stop buying more, I thought I would use some to make my niece a bracelet and earring set.  I've had this button for a long time and wasn't sure what I was going to do with it.  I love doing Kumihimo but wasn't able to for a while after I had my shoulder surgery.  I did learn something the hard way.  I use to sit and play Candy Crush Soda on my Samsung at night while we watched TV.  The next day my arms and shoulders would hurt.  Apparently the way I was sitting and holding the tablet was straining the muscles in my arms and shoulders.  So, now I learned my lesson.  Now I can do Kumihimo, yippee.

A friend asked me about a pattern to make crocheted slippers and I had never done that.  I usually make them by knitting them.  I found this pattern on youtube and it works up really fast.  I know the Packers aren't in the playoffs but I had this yarn so I thought I would make some slippers to go with the bracelet since my niece is a Packer fan.  They really stretch and are very comfortable.

This is the bracelet I made for my sister for Christmas.  Love Betty Boop.  Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of the million beads I have.

I opened a new shop in Zibbet Bonnie Kreger.  Not sure if I can keep up with 2 shops but I thought I would try.  I need to spend more time making things to put in Etsy and Zibbet but I need to finish ironing and cleaning first.  What a waste of time. 

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