Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Making these bowls is really getting me crazy.  I love doing this.

The bowls in the picture above are for my sister and two nieces.  My sister wanted something with birds so I used the silk screen that came with the Sculpey kit to make that one for her.  She likes blue so the base of the bowl is blue and there are blue Swarovski crystal on it.  The top left was done with a stencil and the top right was done with scrap clay.  I really like that one and it can't be duplicated.

This is the back of the three bowls.  The top right was done with a texture sheet and the other two were done with the extra pieces of clay with the silk screen and stencil.  If you click on the pictures you can see them close up and see the details.

Every time I sit down at my table I say I'm going to do something else and then I end up making another ring dish.

I have a great niece that I absolutely adore.  She's 17 months old and so happy.  I made her this Minnie Mouse hat because that's who she reminds me of.

This was my poor Buster after the Packers lost Sunday.  He was so sad but he still loves them.  He's hoping they beat the Bears Thursday and that his mom quits putting hats on him.

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The JR said...

Great bowls, but I love Buster the most. I just lost my Tuxedo cat and I'm missing her badly.

Great job, they will love the bowls.