Thursday, May 14, 2009

This is my "Under The Lake" bracelet that I finished yesterday and put on Etsy. I call it that because I was listening to an audio book by James Patterson called "Under The Lake" and it put all these wild patterns in my head. Before I finished the bracelet I had just attached 5 feet of fireline to it and decided I should vacuum my studio because my friends said they might drop by and I had some polymer clay on the floor from when I was claying. I didn't notice the fireline hanging down while I was vacuuming and all of a sudden I saw the bracelet go flying through the air and hit Booboo (the cat) who was sleeping in his bed next to where I do my beading. He let out a scream and went flying out the door. Next thing I know the bracelet disappeared. I stopped the vacuum cleaner, turned it over and pulled the brushes out, no bracelet. I took the bag out cut it open, no bracelet. I looked every where for that thing. I was dumfounded. Of course it was the last place I looked, it had fallen in the little garbage can next to my beading table and of course it only had 4 inches of thread left on it. My new words to live by are "BEADING AND VACUUMING DON'T GO TOGETHER. I think I should just give up vacuuming. My problem is that I have 6 vacuums, a Hoover Floor Mate, and two mops. Obsessive compulsive my husband calls it. The cat never did like vacuum cleaners now I know why.

If you are a Star Trek fan, go see the new one, it's awesome.

Live long and prosper and keep on beading and playing with clay.

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