Monday, June 1, 2009

This necklace is called "My Friend Rose". I make lots of beads and don't always do any thing with them except let them sit in a box. I have a very dear friend "Rose" who spends time with me in my studio and she loves going through the beads and things that I make with polymer clay. Last week she took out all these beads, put them together on a beading board, pulled out all my spacer beads and told me we were going to put this necklace together. It really is quite stunning up close. It has velvet cords on the neck piece and a magnetic clasp. I love it and will be putting it on Etsy very soon.
A few years ago my husband had open heart surgery and I was trying to be quiet while he rested. Didn't want to go any where because I wanted to make sure he was ok. I spent two weeks making beads but they were small ones. I put them in bags according to the colors and patterns and put them away. One day Rose came over and saw my box full of beads and asked what I was going to do with them. I gave them all to her and said "let me know if you have an idea for some of these". She took them home and threw them all in a pile on her bed and strung them with gold spacers in between each bead. It turned out beautiful and was long enough to wrap around her twice. I would never had thought to put all those different colors and designs together. Anyway, I was sure she was going to give me the necklace. Boy was I wrong. She wore it every day for weeks. She wore it every where she went. She brought it for "Show and Tell" at our polymer clay guild meeting. She was getting millions of compliments on this necklace. She called it the BonRo necklace. I tried touching it and she wouldn't let me. I have never even had the privilege of trying this one on. I guess I'll make some more beads and make my own necklace but I'm going to hide them from Rose. Rose if you read this you know I'm only kidding right :0). I don't even have a picture of that necklace because Rose won't let get close enough to it. I promise if Rose sends me a picture I'll post it to my blog.
In the meantime, please support Etsy and all the great and beautiful handmade items out there.

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