Thursday, July 9, 2009


This necklace has a spiral focal bead and a spiral peyote bail that is attached to a black velvet cord. You can see this on my flickr website at on my Etsy website at The shoes are on there also. About a year ago I had a shoe thing and made lots of shoes and gave them as presents to everyone. My friends all called me Imelda like in Marcos. She had thousands of pairs of shoes. I still like decorating those little things and using Mokume Gane to make the shoe itself.

If you read my earlier post you would know that my good friend Judy had her breast cancer surgery today. I got a call at 3:30 saying she was doing good and had 2 lymph nodes removed instead of 5 and we would know the pathology of it all next week. Will keep our fingers crossed that she doesn't need chemo. She's just now starting polymer clay and she loves it. It sure has brought out the wild artist in her. I don't yet have a piece of her work but I'm going to get one so I can say "I knew her when".

Marlene is doing good also right now and someday I'm going to get her blog right, let's try it again.


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