Friday, July 24, 2009

There is no picture for this blog but I really want to share a wonderful thing that happened to me Thursday.

I decided to go see Harry Potter (by myself) Thursday morning. I loved it and want to see it again. Next to the theatre there is a place called the Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt Shop. I can't go to the show without stopping there after ward and getting one of their specials for the day. I went in, got my "little" cup of chocolate and pistachio yogurt and sat at a table. A young man came in wearing an Air Force uniform. We live near Luke Air Force Base. Anyway, I had a 5 dollar bill in my pocket so I got up and went to the counter and told the yogurt guy that I was paying for the young man's yogurt. The young man told me I didn't have to but I said "Yes, I do because it's one of the ways I have to show how much I appreciate them". I think what these men and women are doing for our country is wonderful and they never complain about it. He was a nice young man and was very gracious. At the same time some lady behind me yells in my ear "I wish I would have done that". She kept saying it over and over, I thought my ear drum was going to burst. I went back and sat at my table and finished my "little" cup of yogurt and the manager of the store came over and gave me a card so I can have a free yogurt next time I come in. I really didn't expect that but I thought it was really nice. I hope I have another opportunity to do something like that. I felt really good all day.

This morning my husband was telling the story to some of the guys he has breakfast with and one of the older guys wanted to know when I would be there again so he could have my free yogurt. Gotta love those seniors.

My last thought is, now that I've done it once, I'm going to do it again whenever I get the chance. I think it made all the calories of the "little" cup of yogurt disappear.

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog, thanks to Carol's newsletter. Lady, you are way ahead of me. I am still trying to take pics of my stuff. I have a banner/avatar on Etsy, but that is it. Going to buy a book on photography today. Loved your blog! That is how it should be...we should be appreciating those military service men and women each and every day when we have a chance. God bless you!

Lupe Meter