Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Polymer Clay Cactus Pendant and Glass Jar

This is a jar that I covered in an old cane that I had left. The top picture is the bottom of the jar and you can see the yellow and the colors inside. The top of the jar is the same cane but I also used Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos on it. These little jars are great for holding corn starch, jump rings, etc. I didn't have to cover it with Sobo before I covered the glass but I did Sobo the metal cover before I put the clay on it. It's been sanded and buffed and will be used for paper clips. I'm thinking I might cover the white rim also. I've done that on other jars like these and they turned out great.

This pendant was made from a spliced cane using turquoise, ecru, fuschia and brown. I love making splice canes and I showed the people at camp this weekend how to do it and everyone tried with different kinds of clay and all different colors. There were some beautiful canes laying around when the day was over. I have a cactus cutter that I love and I love to make cactus beads. I like the colors on this one but I used up all the cane making beads and pens. I guess I'll have to make another one.

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