Friday, October 2, 2009

This pendant was done with a Lisa Pavelka method that I can't remember the name of. It's a lot of fun. I used some clay that I had laying around and bought a rubber stamp that is used for making soap. I put little pieces of clay in the stamp, sliced the top off and laid it on another piece of clay for the background. I then put it on a piece of clay that I textured and put some Pearlex on it before I baked it. After I baked it I put some DG3 in the openings. I like the way that dried. The cut of the main piece is a little offset and I was going to fix that but I liked it the way it was. I'm getting tired of being symmetrical. I've started using ribbons on some of my pieces and I think it makes for a younger appeal to the piece.

Right now I can't find the top of my work table. I've been doing clay and doing clay and doing clay and not putting things back where they were but I think that's when I get kreative. I've had the windows open for two days and it's been wonderful.

I've been looking at all the blogs that I have on my website and these girls are doing beautiful stuff. Please look at Alice Stroppel's website, she has some great tutorials. Check

out "It's All About Creating" and see Marlene Brady's beads from a long time ago on a demo table. They look pretty big to me but she wears big stuff and it looks good on her.

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