Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's been a while since I've done any jewelry or polymer clay.  I have been knitting and crocheting scarves for our troops in Iraq.  One of the clubs I belong to does a lot of charity work and we are now working with the Cave Creek Arizona American Legion.  They adopted the Arizona National Guard 285th BN.  We are working with them to supply hats and scarves to these people.  I found out something very interesting.  If you make something for one of the soldiers, it has to be made out of pure wool.  Everything you give them has to have the label attached so they know it's pure wool.  Apparently polyester burns.  If they get caught in a fire with a polyester hat or scarf, it would burn right to them, the wool won't.  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to buy wool yarn but they would only let me use one coupon and one skein of yarn was $9.95 so I guess I'll be going to Joann's to get more yarn.  If we get any pictures of the guys or girls with the scarves, I'll post them.

The picture above is the polymer clay jewelry I finally finished for my cousin Karen who lives in Wisconsin.  She asked me a month ago about making brown jewlery.  I made the beads and left them in the tumbler for 3 days so I wouldn't have to sand them by hand, they turned out great but it took a long time to buff them.  The smaller brown and cream color beads are jasper and I put a gold spacer bead in between.  The clasps are beautiful, magnetic clasps that I order from Mobile Boutique.  They are glamorous, easy to put on and take off, they hold really well and they look GREAT.

Hope she likes this jewelry.

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