Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Aren't these the cutest polymer clay cats you've ever seen?  I think so.  I'm going to try to find names for them.  These were given to me by Judy Phillips.  She is the very talented lady who does sculpting with clay and she does a lot of native American faces and figures.  I gave Judy a necklace and earrings made from Studio by Sculpey a few weeks ago and Judy knows I'm crazy about cats so I got this great cat family.  Judy collects bits and pieces of canes from the people in our Arizona Polymer Clay Guild and uses them on her pieces.  These little girls have capes made from canes that were given to her.  I just love them.  I'm going to try my hand at making some.  I don't have the sculpting talent that Judy does but I want to give it a try.  I love these little girls.

This was a bead that I had made from one of the lightning storm canes that I made.  I brought it to our guild meeting Saturday and one of the ladies grabbed it and said she had to have it so I sold it to her.  Another lady bought one of my lightning storm bracelets that I made.  I had it on Etsy but couldn't say no so I sold it to her and removed it from Etsy.  I love it when people who do polymer clay want my stuff.  It's an ego trip.

When I'm not doing polymer clay I love to do beading.  I go to the library and take out about 15 audio books and listen to them while I'm beading or doing clay, it's very relaxing to me and this way I get to keep up with the book stuff.  I've listened to over 100 books so far this year.  I'm a big James Patterson and Stuart Woods fan, they could put out a book a day for me.  I've just recently started listening to some Lisa Scottoline and Harlen Coben books and I love those now too.  Anyway, I've been making bracelets for a couple days for all my relatives and friends.  I love this one because it's really elegant.  I put the magnetic clasp on them.  I get those at Mobile Boutique and they really add dimension and glamour to the piece.  They are easy to put on and all my friends love them because they are so secure and not hard to put on and take off like some of the toggles that I used before.

My sister's mother in law is 95 years old.  I made her this necklace last Christmas. 
The focal bead is polymer and the crystals came from a necklace that she had since she was in her 30's.  They were beautiful.  She has been wearing this necklace every day since I sent it to her.  Someone in the assissted living place where she resides asked if they could buy it from her and she told them "No, it's a one of kind, and the lady that made it won't make anymore for anyone else".  My sister and I were in stitches.

My whole family is in Florida for Thanksgiving.  My mom and brother live down there.  My brother and his wife are celebrating 40 years of marriage and there is a surprise party for them this weekend at their house?????  I guess it's not a surprise anymore since my sister in law had the house painted and bought new furniture.  I don't travel on holidays and I just got back from a 2 week road trip so I'm traveled out.

My husband and I are going to a friend's house for Thanksgiving.  John, (my husband) is making pecan pie and a caramel-apple cheesecake.  I'm making pumpkin pie and Black and Blue cole slaw.  It's made with red cabbage, parsley, grapes, blue cheese, dijon mustard and other good things.  If you want the recipe, let me know and I'll send it to you or post it.  It's even better the second day.

Have a good holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving Grandma, we miss you.

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