Friday, March 12, 2010


Susan these are the hand held drill bits I told you about.

In the top picture starting on the left the little one is 5/64 and they go up to 5/32 which is really big.  I use the 5/64 the most and the 3/32.  The ones on the right were teeny bits that I had and I made the handles for them.  Bake the bits in the clay and then take them out and use a cyanoacrylic glue to glue them back in.  They are great for making little holes in clay to add wire or tubing or whatever.

Hope this helps.


Melobeau said...

Bonnie, Every time I come to your site I find something cool and innovative. What BEAUTIFUL drill bits.....who would have thought the two words would go together. Bet they make drilling a whole lot more fun.

drill bits said...

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