Monday, May 3, 2010



On April 22nd, Earth Day, I was the lucky person that won Mirame Creation's  beautiful necklace.  This blog actually belongs to my good friend Lupe who makes gorgeous polymer clay jewelry.  I got the necklace from her this past Saturday when we both took a class from polymer clay artist Debbie Anderson whose work has been featured in Polymer Cafe, Polymer Clay Daily and many other polymer clay publications.

When Lupe gave me the necklace it came in this gorgeous box.
It was decorated on the inside and the outside and it's going to be my "Special Treasures" box.  Not only was the necklace I won in there but she also put another butterfly necklace in there.

Isn't the top of the box beautiful?  The necklaces have brought a lot of ooooooo's and ahhhhhhhhh's.

Thank you so much Lupe, I will treasure these and thank your daughter again for drawing my name.


As I mentioned before and Lupe mentioned in her blog, our guild sponsored a class by Debbie Anderson from the San Jose Polymer Clay Guild.  It was a two day class.  The first day was faux porcelain and the second day was two sided bracelets with stamps or transfers.
Debbie is a wonderful teacher and so willing to help and share.  We really enjoyed the days.

These are the first two beads I did.  They need more sanding and buffing and I think the oven was a little too hot for the new soft Fimo Translucent that I used.

This was the last bead I did Saturday.  It was baked at a lower temperature and I took it home and sanded and buffed it before I wire wrapped it.  I'm very happy with this one.

These are some of the bracelets that we made Sunday.  Mine is the second from the top.  My Skinner blend didn't blend right or I blended it too much, not sure.  I'm not happy with the color but I'll try again on that one.  The other thing I didn't do was to line the tiles up when I strung them.  Going to restring it.

These are beads I made for the second bracelet.  The one on the left has been sanded.  Love those new clay squishers from Judikins.  I'll post the finished bracelet when I get it done.

Time for bed, got an early tee time tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you liked the butterfly necklaces and the box they came in. You are really sweet to mention them again. We did have fun this past weekend! I am ready to do bout you?

Arlene Harrison said...

I LOVE the clay squishers! I got two sheets and used one of them last night. SO much fun!