Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last weekend I took the Debbie Anderson class and one of the women in our guild had a pasta machine that she sent to Mona Kissel to have it reworked so she wouldn't have to take it apart to clean it.  Now I don't know about you but I've spent many hours looking for the screws and wondering why anyone in their right mind would but a screw hole in under the knob that changes the width of the rollers on the pasta machine.  I've cussed the person out a million times who ever they are.  When I saw how easy it was to take the blades off and clean this machine I knew I had to have one.  I got it in the mail yesterday which was quick.  It's an Atlas 180 which means the roller base is almost 2.5 inches wider than the one I had and all I have to do to clean it is unscrew the little screw on the bottom, pull out the blade and clean it off and do the same thing to the other side.  I'm in heaven.  No more red spots on my white clay and no more garbage on my translucent.  Check it out.

Now my husband won't have to come looking for his Phillps head screw driver and his bent nose pliers.  Yeah.  Treat yourself and buy this new one or send your old one in and let them modify it for you. 


Last night I was doing clay and I wanted the black clay in the beads to have a little shine.  I put this Precision Cut Glitter in my clay.  Put the beads in the oven and when I took them out I was shocked.

The glitter had risen to the top and exploded.  Parts of the bead had separated and the pan was full of little pieces of clay and glitter.  You can see the package of Glitter on the top left of the pan.  It's a little bigger than most glitter and it's really pretty ( before it exploded).  Glad I didn't do 100 beads I would have been very very upset.

Be careful out there.

Got to baby sit for my friend Pat's Havanese (Sissy).  She's a really smart dog but also very dominant.  Booboo got up on the couch by me and Sissy jumped on my chest to protect me.  Booboo slapped her and missed and then hissed and walked away.  I think I heard Sissy laughing.

Poor Booboo.

Goodnight Annie, Shine bright.


Its All About Creating said...

I bought mine with the motor at Sur La Table when we had the Jana class, it was expensive, but worth it because I needed it for my wrist. Where did you purchase yours?

miramecreations said...

I am jealous...happy for you, yes, but still a little jealous. One of these days...maybe I will get one. That is crazy what happened with the glitter...I won't be using that brand, for sure. Have a great weekend!

Melobeau said...

So glad you took the plunge! I have two "Mona-fied" Atlas machines (dark clay/light clay. Oh, that exploding glitter sounds yukky. Happy for you that you HADN'T done 100 beads.

Pat Sernyk said...

One of these days I will have to get myself one of the newer Atlas machines. One of mine is on its last 'cams' or whatever they call them as it doesn't like to work on setting #1...only 2-9. Remind me when I am down there where to pick one up (or order it) locally.
Thanks for the tip.

Intro said...

Don't be upset about the beads :) It's a really cool effect, and you can rub it with a paint of contrasting colour to get the spots out in the daylight.