Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Is this not one of the cutest polymer clay cats you've ever seen?  I call it the Cottonwood Cat because it was sent to me by Anita Brandon from Cottonwood, Arizona. I'm sure Anita made it just for me because she knows it looks like Booboo.  Check out Anita's blog and see the beautiful work she does.  She's been published in Polymer Cafe at least two times that I know of. 

 Anita's husband has written a book called "LIFE IS A HAMMOCK "MEWSINGS" OF A TRAVELING CAT".

I was one of the lucky ones to preview the pre-publication copy.  The story is told by Stormy the cat.  He has a captivating sense of humor and tells an amazing story.  I won't give away any more of the book.  You have to read it to appreciate it.  This book is going to be used as a fund raiser for libraries and humane socities.  I guess Sy and Anita thought I would make a good pre-viewer since I've had 4 cats that all came from the humane society.  My buddy Booboo is going to be 19 on October 31st this year.  Molly lived to be 20, Yoyo died at 14 and Pico died at 17.  I haven't been catless for 35 years and it's been a blessing.

I want to thank Anita for her beautiful cat which I understand is a prototype and will be in her Etsy store someday.


Monday morning I opened my blog and there in big letters was Iris Mishly's blog  saying I had won one of her American Flag key chains in her drawing.  I'll post a picture when I get it.  I took my husband away for 2 days for his birthday and when I got home Tuesday night there was another email saying I had won the bracelet from "In The Light of The Moon" by Cat Kerr    It's the one on the previous blog that says "GRATITUDE" on it.  I'll take a picture and post that when I receive it also.

Thanks Iris and Cat, I love presents and both of you do such wonderful work.  You can't tell but I'm excited.

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miramecreations said...

Anita's cat is adorable!! You've been very lucky lately. I wonder if you have gone to the casino as well. Congrats on all your deserve it my friend!