Friday, July 2, 2010


I've always felt I lived my life "UNZIPPED".  I'm a Leo and I think most Leo's that I've met could be categorized as being "UNZIPPED".  Most Leo's are very open with their lives and their thoughts and their everything.  I saw this piece that Marie Segal  did about a week ago and I fought with myself about buying it.  I love steampunk, I've been following Marie's work for years and when I saw the open zipper, the nails, screws, locks and keys,  I knew I had to have it.  I got it in the mail today and it's so much cuter in person.  She's a great artist and a genuine lady.


I finally finished my second crocheted bead piece.  It's a long rope.  Took me a long time too but I'm done.

It's slinky.


Today my friends Judy and Evelyn came over for a clay day.  Judy ordered some miniature cutters for us from England.  They are adorable.  I can see a lot of earrings being made with these.

Now I just need a teeny tiny case to keep them in. :0)


I mentioned before I was doing the Barbara McGuire Mokume Gane.  I have quite a few pieces done but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them (I want to keep them all myself).  Anyway, I bought some cord necklaces at a bead show not too long ago and I like the necklace but not the cord used to attach pendants so I took that off and added chain.  What do you think?

This also has Magic Glos on it.


Not talking about the trashy ones on TV.  I'm referring to Rose, Judy and Evelyn.  All three have been busy with clay and Viking Knit.  Here are some of the latest pieces from them.

This is Rose's bracelet she did with a French Knitter.  Her first one.  Came out awesome I think.

This is Evelyn's disc necklace.  The disc's were made with 2 canes and the litle balls were made with scrap clay that she rolled over some spongy thing.  It's really light and very pretty.

This is Judy's bracelet.  Since we took the Debbie Anderson class, Judy has made at least 6 of these bracelets and they are gorgeous.  Too bad my little Sony camera doesn't want to take good pictures today.


I'm really excited.  I just purchased one of Tina Holdens new tutorials.  It's called "STEAMPUNK TILE BRACELET"

You can get this at Tina's Artfire shop at or on her Etsy shot at .  I hope to get to this tomorrow since it's 112 here and a good time to play with clay.

I know this has been a long blog today but I think I got my brain UNZIPPED.

Anyway, one thing I really want to do is:

Wish everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July.
Don't drink and drive.



Rose said...

What a score with that wonderful whimscal peice. It is so you. Thanks for posting my bracelet, it was great fun making it.
love U tons

Gianna said...

Hi Bonnie, how are you? Looks like you're up to lots of fun things, as usual! I love your Marie Segal piece, very quirky & fun! Your golden MG pendant is lovely--really gorgeous!

In fact, everything is beautiful here, including those cute little cutters! I'd LOVE to get some of those--did your friend get any extras? I'd buy them in a heartbeat. So tiny, and so many great shapes! If she doesn't have more, could you let me know where they're from?

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July. Thanks, and hope to see you around~
Gianna (Phaedrakat)

In the Light of the Moon said...

Bonnie,so many beauties to look for sharing.

Congrats on winning my Giveaway..just email me your address to

Big Hugs-Cat

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL WORK LADIES!!! Love every single one. I also love Marie's creations as lucky duck! Also, CONGRATS on winning Cat's textile cuff!! I am glad you won. I intend on buying one of Cat's cuffs. She did a fabulous job on that one. I like the beads on the viking knit. I worked on it while I was I am ready to actually do a whole piece.

Marie S said...

Bonnie you are such a sweetheart to post this. Thank you from the bottom and the top of my heart!!
I love the stuff you and your friends have been making!
All of it is so playful and fun and so nicely done!!
Nice craftsmanship.
I love the cutters.
Blessings all over you dear one!!

Melobeau said...

Marie's "unzipped" is terrific and I'm so glad you were able to adopt a piece to which you felt such a strong connection. So many fun pieces in your post. I particularly love your gorgeous MG piece and the way you used the chain. It's perfect and you were able to get such a wonderful shine. What a coup with the cutters. I just see you using them for lots of new ideas. You also have talented friends and I think ALL of their pieces are outstanding. It's fun to see the pictures of their new work, too.