Monday, October 4, 2010


I was so excited today.  I got an email saying one of Etsy golf stroke counters was in an Etsy Treasury.  I wanted to post it on my blog but of course I couldn't get it small enough to do that.  I went to Lynda Moseley like I always do for help. She sent me an email explaining how to get this into a jpg. format.  If you get a chance, check her blog and her Etsy shop, she has some amazing polymer pieces and some great tutorials.

 My golf stroke counter is on the bottom right.  This is a great treasury especially since the Ryder Cup was this weekend, too bad the Americans lost.  They seemed to have fun though and that's what matters most.


Last week our clay guild spent 4 days in Prescott at a Christian Youth Camp doing clay from 7 in the morning till 10 at night.  This was our first year at this camp and it was wonderful.

This is the building where 24 of us spent our days doing clay.  The food at this place was tremendous.  Last year we had gray pancakes for breakfast one morning, this year we had home made banana bread, waffles, scrambled eggs, strawberry compote.  I ate so much breakfast I didn't go to lunch but dinner was like eating at a 5 star restaurant.  The deserts were fresh and the car was heavier when we came home.  LOL.

There were many demos and people shared things they were doing.  We blew a few fuses with our ovens but we did ok.  I shared a big round table with my friend Judy and we made a mess but we had a lot of fun.  We worked on different techniques like flower canes, spliced canes, metal working, wire wrapping.  I finished more this year than I ever have.

These are some spliced cane beads that I made and finally put it into a bracelet.

These are some pendants I made with what started out to be a spliced cane and ended up being a flower cane and the ends of the spliced cane.  They have Magic-Glos on them and gold leafing.

This was made from magenta, gold and turquoise with the extruder.  The colors match the necklace but with the Magic-Glos it doesn't look like the same colors and someday I'll learn to use the new camera so I can get some real color pictures.


We had a little visitor at camp, I think he was just a baby but he caused a lot of screaming and we had to put all the food away at night and everyone was worried that he was going to eat their clay.  We had one guy in our group who has a heck of a sense of humor.  One night after everyone left he did this:

It got baked and is going back to the guild with us.  Thanks Brad.

There's a huge storm coming and I think I need to turn the computer off.  Will continue another time.

Had a great time at camp and want to thank everyone for their contributions and donations.


miramecreations said...

Your creations are beautiful, Bonnie. You and Judy made a lot of beautiful was tough keeping up with you two! Thanks for showing me the herringbone stitch. I have been practicing it. Congratulations on your Golf treasury: golf stroke counters!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

You are so sweet! I'm glad I could help, Bonnie, and thank you so much for the blurb! Have a great time at clay camp!