Monday, October 25, 2010


My friend Bev's mom died last week so her and her husband had to go back to Indiana for the funeral.  Her mom was 94 and she was a pistol.  I got to take care of their plants while they were gone and my neighbors got to take care of Beau and Honey the two dogs.  Joe and Dee have a rat terrier named Scooter.  They rescued him from the shelter the day before he was going to be put down.  They were told he was too aggresive.  Later they found out the kids were pretty mean and Scooter was just protecting himself.  Since Scooter has been with Joe and Dee and he is the most well behaved, lovable little dog you have ever met.  Anyway, the three of them together are a stitch.  Beau is an older dog and all muscle, Honey is a new dog they rescued in August and she's not totally adjusted yet but she's really pretty and is very funny.  She has a problem with men though but my friends are helping her through it.  Scooter is a well trained, very protective little dog who is sharing his mom and dad now with two really funny dogs.  Joe sent me this picture yesterday and I had to put captions on it.
I had to share this.  Now tell me you didn't laugh when you saw this.

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Too cute!! lol