Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Last Wednesday I did a beginner's clay class with 7 students.  I usually do the Mokume Gane technique because students are awe struck when they take that first slice off the top of the stack.  The last class I taught I gave them the clay to teach them how to condition it and we had problems with a couple of the clays.  They were really hard and the students were getting frustrated so this time, I spent all day Tuesday conditioning clay and making the stacks ahead of time.  At the class I showed them how I did it in order to save time but I let them make all the indentations in the clay.  I had them slice pieces out of the clay stacks and we made pendants and earrings with cutters.  We did get them baked but not finished. Today only two people were able to bring their pieces back to finish.  I showed them how to sand and put the holes in their pieces and then we took them outside and sprayed them with Preserve Your Memories II.  We really didn't have time to do a class on buffing and they wanted their pieces to make jewelry with.

Linda's beads look like hot air balloons.

Next week I'm going to do a demo on bead rollers.  I love bead rollers.  I make all kinds of shapes with them.  When I got my first bead roller I made over 100 beads.  I couldn't stop.


Last week when I was doing the stacks of clay, my other friend Judy came over and was watching me.  I cut some end pieces off of one the stacks and gave them to her because she liked the colors.  I showed her a couple different shaped beads that could be made with the clay.  Today she showed up with this incredible necklace.  I know I'll never get to wear it but at least I got to touch it.  LOL

I really need a picture of it hanging.  It's gorgeous.
The clasp is rhinestones and has a magnet.  I guess I'll just sit and make beads and give them to Judy, Rose and Evelyn and let them make jewelry.


Last week at clay day we made some Natasha beads using Iris Mishly's method of making them.  I had a lot of canes left so I made a bunch of beads.  I sanded them all and I was going to buff them but I bought some new gloss and thought I would try it.  Big mistake.  Will be resanding these and buffing them.  I never did like using gloss or Future or glaze of any king except Magic Glos.  That taught me a lesson.  I was trying to save time.  Some got spots and parts didn't dry clear.  These beads are too pretty to leave them like that.  Made more work for myself.  DUH.

The two on the top right were sanded and buffed, the rest have gloss on but not for long.  They look like plastic and I don't like that.



Rose said...

I need to tell you what a wonderful teacher you are. I watched you yesterday teaching at the bead club yesterday. You were so patient brought all your tools for everyone to share. You also shared all that wonderful knowledge that took you lots of time to learn. An artist who shares her knowledge of art is truly a good person.
PS... also Loved, loved, loved, Judy's necklace

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, teacher! Love the necklace Judy made for you! I know what you mean about looking plastic. It has got to be sanded and buffed before putting any kind of sealer...I think. You can certainly tell the difference and I could pick the ones that were sanded and buffed from your photo. Carolyn asked me why I went to trouble of sanding and buffing before the Future. She thought the Future would give the PC a shine without sanding and buffing. I told her I liked the look of the PC after it has been sanded and buffed before putting any sealer on it. I think it makes it look like glass rather than plastic. The PYM II does cut your time in half though. I have been using it on images to seal them so I don't have to use up my resin. Awesome product! Glad your class was a success. I agree with are a wonderful teacher!