Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Our craft fair is in March and I have to have all my stuff in by next Monday.  I need to make 35 wedding favors, at least 18 or 20 pens for the pen exchange in April, get some stuff done for Etsy and Artfire and here I sit watching NCIS.  HELP ME.

I finally finished this and it went out in the mail today.  My friend Debbie has three grand kids who are adorable and she doesn't know this is coming.  Hope she likes it.


I got Grant Diffendaffer's new book in the mail today.  It's called "Polymer Clay Beads".

The ones on the front cover are in 3-D.  The rest are awesome too and he has very good pictures and instructions on the inside.  I just got all my new Premo clay colors from Boston Clay Works.  I just need time to play.


Desert Rubble said...

omg sounds like you are going to be busy lady!

Lupe Meter said...

You are one busy lady! I thought about doing the pens but since my daughter is getting ready to have her baby in March...thought I would not add something else to my busy schedule...at least for now. I am sure you will get everything done, you always do! She will like the frame...what a nice gift!

Rose said...

Give yourself a break.... go on, watch NCIS, have a cup of tea. Better now? OK, get back to work, and you thought retirement was all about doing nothing. We all love you for the sweet,generous person that you are, You just can't say no.