Friday, February 4, 2011


As you all know the big gem show is going on down in Tucson.  Yesterday 14,000 people were without gas so they lost their heat and some people had burst water pipes because it's been so cold here in Arizona that people are using more gas and they ran out of gas in Tucson.

Well, my friends and I are headed to Tucson tomorrow for 3 days.  We are signed up to take classes from Christi Friesen for 3 days.  We are really excited.  I have all of her books except one and I'm expecting the new one any day now.  I'm dragging them with hoping she will sign them for me.

 When we heard about the gas problem we called the hotels we are staying at and they said they didn't have a problem.  Thank goodness because it's impossible to get a room down there now.


I started making pendants for our guild swap which is on the 19th of February.  The first set I finished.  Sanded and buffed and then decided I didn't like them.  Made another set and I'm going to wire wrap them.  I like these a lot.  Much lighter and colors are better.  The first ones reminded me of Easter.

I will probably use the 5 on the left and the green lady bug on top.  Not sure about the others.  I made 14 more.  With the wire wrapping bail they should look better.  These must be ready to hang when we turn them in.


Last Wednesday we did clay at bead club.  We did a project that we found in a couple books.  You use white clay and translucent clay and chop it up into pieces.  Then you coat it with paint.  Everyone else used black.  Let the pieces sit until they are dry and then squish them back together in a cane.  Cut slices off the cane and put them on light clay that's been rolled into a bead.  I didn't use white clay I used pearl and translucent and I painted mine with purple paint.  While the paint was drying I took some left over clay and made a cane:

Was one of those quicky things you do to waste time.  Well, I came home and made beads from both the painted clay technique and the cane.  I love the bright colors of the beads from the cane but not sure I like the other ones.  Might be better after they are tumbled and buffed.

If you click on the picture you can see the colors better.

STRESSFUL THURSDAY - yesterday morning Booboo was very sick.

I thought for sure it was his time because I've never seen him that sick.  My friend Judy came over and took us to the vet.  They gave him an injection so he would stop throwing up and gave him fluids.  They did blood work and couldn't find anything wrong.  $251 later the vet said Booboo was having "A BAD CAT DAY".
I brought him home and he slept all day.  Today he is eating and drinking and carrying his ball around but he's not moving very fast.  He's going to be 20 in October and we've had some wonderful years together.  He was born on Halloween and I got him 3 weeks later.  We've been together ever since.

I was thinking yesterday that I've changed the cat liter 2080 times since I got him. 
Boy is that love or what???????????


surfingcat said...

Have fun in Tuscon!
Those pendants look good, will you show us them with the wire wrapping?

Desert Rubble said...

lol that's love all right! We haven't used litter boxes in I don't know how many years now, once they decided it was nice to 'go' outside, that's where they did it no matter what the weather. I do not miss litter boxes lol

I hope the weather won't be too bad for you down there! Looks like up here, we had out last freeze night, what a relief! Travel safe and have fun....and feel my envy ;P

Melobeau said...

Love those new bright colored beads you made. Glad the BooBoo is OK (and he surely is loved....witness all the kitty litter boxes you have changed). Hope he's feeling better and you are able to leave him and go have a blast in Tucson.