Sunday, June 12, 2011


My friend Jane from the nursing home called me Friday and said one of her nurses was there and wanted me to make some earrings for her.  She loved the ones I made for Jane.  She put the nurse on the phone and we got acquainted.  Her name is Hope and she is 6 feet tall and has longer hair and likes "far out" earrings that hang a little long even though she's 49.  Nothing like throwing a few challenges at me in one sentence.  Then she proceded to tell me what colors she would like.  Challenge number 2.  Then she said she would like "at least 6 pair, maybe more".  Challenge number 3.  Good thing she didn't say she needed them by Monday.  So, when I wasn't cleaning or washing I was making earrings.  Today I talked to Jane and she asked if I used leverback wires on Hope's earrings because that's the only kind of ear wire she likes.  I guess I missed that one.  Have to go back on a couple and change them.  Then she said, don't forget the navy blue ones.  I missed that too.  I bet that's the only color bead I don't have.  I told Jane my fingers were going as fast as they can.

My friend Evelyn came over today and saw the coral ones and just drooled over them.  She doesn't know it yet but I made her a pair tonight.

I "HOPE" to get at least 3 or 4 more pair done before I send them so she can take her pick.

Janie is having so much fun with all her earrings.  Someone asked her today if she had earrings for every outfit.  She answered "I believe I do".  She's pretty good for 96.  She said some of the other women come over to her table at breakfast to see her earrings.

Dear Booboo, I found 4 more of your rubber balls.  Thanks for hiding them on me.  I'm still looking for the other 20.  You forgot your catnip when you left.  Have fun at Rainbow Bridge. luvu


Melobeau said...

Your made to order earrings are lovely and I think Hope is going to be very happy....and Jane, too.

I've been offline a lot lately and didn't know that your beloved Booboo had departed for catnip heaven. Sending hugs.

Marie S said...

The earrings are all gorgeous.
I love the round ones a lot.
What a great story about your friend.

Booboo left those around so you would find them and remember! A little hello.
Cat nip hugs to you!!
The word verification is,
"CATINGS" how weird is that?
And cool!!