Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 A friend gave me a beading pattern for a single, "Flat Spiral" bracelet.  I got the bracelet done and decided I didn't like the single, I wanted it doubled.  How hard could that be?  I watched someone at beading adding another row to theirs.  20 feet of Fireline later, I finally got the tangle and the two knots out and figured out how to keep the four threads I was working with from tangling again.  Six tries didn't seem unreasonable at the time.  I did have a seed bead explosion the second time I took it apart.  I told my husband this was "The Bracelet From Hell" and he said "make 2 more and it will be the bracelet from Heaven".  Mr. Positive??????

I was going to make it and give it to my sister but it fits me so I guess she's out of luck. :0(  AWW.  I guess I'll have to do number 2 and make it smaller.
This bracelet has a wonderful weighty feeling to it.  I used size 6 Fireline, turquoise size 6 pearls, size 4 bicones and size 11 silver seed beads.


I made this beaded bead and decided I wanted it on a herringbone rope.  The size 11 seed beads I used were called gold metallic.  I bought them at a local bead store.  As I was working with them, the color was coming off on my fingers.  It is now a multi-color of silver and gold but it's pretty.
I wonder how much the color will come off on clothes after it's worn a while.

I want to do beading and I want to do polymer clay so why does laundry, ironing, dusting and those nasty things keep creeping in my head?  NEVER MIND, THEY'RE GONE.

Hey Booboo, I found 3 of your rubber balls yesterday.  Thanks for the memories.


Cara Jane said...

I don't think I would have the patience for all those beads, well done for untangling it all!

Linda K. said...

Bonnie, I've made that stitch in a single width and wondered how hard it would be to do the double! Yours looks beautiful, even if you did have a hard time with it.

I love the herringbone rope and that beaded bead looks so elegant on it. I was just reading about seed beads the other day and learned that there are some new galvanized metal ones that don't lose their color.