Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is the thermometer on our back patio.  It doesn't go farther than 120.  Some of this is from the reflection of the patio cement but most of it is HEAT.  I did some Magic Glos today and ran it outside to put on the wall.  It was hard before I got to the wall.  I took out salmon and put it in a pan and set it on the wall.  Why heat up the house?  This heat is the reason women in Arizona have to keep buying so much underwear, the elastic drys out.  I moved here because I lived in snow for 55 years and swore I would never drive in it again but this is nuts.

The bugs are coming in and asking for margaritas.

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Linda K. said...

Yikes! We're having trouble getting out of the 60's here in Vermont. Your temp is almost double what ours is!