Monday, July 11, 2011


This has been a very, very lucky week for me.  Last week I got an email from Beaducation saying I won a $100 gift certificate on their blog giveaway.  I didn't waste any time.  I ordered new tools.  I got a German, short, round nose pliers with ergonomic handles, a German chain nose pliers with ergonomic handles, a coiling pliers and a large wrap and tap pliers.  They are all so comfortable to hold and handle.  I've been making earrings by the bunch for my 96 year old friend in Wisconsin and I've been making my own ear pin wires and jump rings and these pliers have helped tremendously.  I love Lisa Nivens Kelly and all the free tutorials that she does on Beaducation   Thanks again Lisa.

These are a two part earring set.  The short end is attached to the post and the long one is attached the earring back.  Those new tools sure are nice when doing so many loops.

My friend Jane has ordered 60 pair of earrings so far.  She is having a great time being a 96 year old sales lady but I've been so busy making earrings, my polymer clay is being ignored.  That's not a nice thing.


Another one of my favorite blogs is Resin Crafts by Carmi Cimicata  She teaches and shares a ton of information about using resin.  She shows the good and bad and tells you how to fix the bad.  They had a blog contest and I won a resin tray.  Now I have to bite the bullet and do something besides coating polymer clay.  Her latest blog shows some beautiful things that she put into resin in the resin trays.  Check it out.


The mail just came and there was a really nice surprise in it.  Linda Kropp from Linda's Artbarn sent me this beautiful eyelglass case that she hand painted.
Linda is a tole artist, a One Stroke Paint teacher and a jewelry designer.  I have 11 pair of glasses and I can't tell you how much I love this case.  11 PAIR OF GLASSES???????   Yes, I have bifocals for watching TV and crocheting, bifocals for regular wear, computer glasses, beading glasses, bifocal sun glasses, bifocal sun glasses for reading, distance glasses for bowling, distance sun glasses for golf, etc.  My husband always jokes about how many pairs of glasses I have.  Sometimes he asks if I'm wearing my vacuuming glasses or my doing the dishes glasses or my walking to the mailbox glasses.  HMMMMMMMMM
Thank you Linda, this will be put to great use.

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Melobeau said...

Hooray for your VERY lucky week. Your new tools sound wonderful and I want to check out Lisa's tutes. Order for 60 pairs of earrings? WOW! You have a great saleswoman in Jane. Linda's eyeglass case is SO lovely for one of your 11 pairs of glasses. How will you ever decide which of your 11 pair will be the lucky pair of GLASSSES to reside in it. Resin crafts win! Boy, you are on a roll. I'll have to check them out, too. I'm just getting into making earrings so when I get a bit more time I'm going to be back looking more carefully at all you do because your earrings are so professional looking.