Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today our clay guild had our "Cane Swap".  There were 12 of us that participated and there was a lot of moaning going on when they started doing the canes but everyone did really great.  I had some of my canes done and then I got "THE CRUD" that's been going on around here and my desire to work or do anything went down the toilet.  I ended up making some Stroppel canes which I really love.

Here is a picture of the canes I received today.  Can't wait to start making something with them.  I'll post what ever it is.

We had a lot of new people in the swap that never made canes before and they did a beautiful job.

Last night I had some canes left over and some end pieces so I made some more Stroppel canes for me (tee hee hee).  They're all mine.

  I see earrings and pendants and earrings and buttons and earrings made out of these.

THIS IS NOT BUSTER.  This is a cat that needs the "Cat Whisperer".  He was made by one of our members who was teasing me about my love for Buster and showing how to use fun stuff when working with polymer clay.

Tomorrow is the day I have to clean off my clay table, get organized and now that the CRUD is gone I can start exercising. :(0


Pat Sernyk said...

It was a fun swap and thanks for organizing it. I didn't moan and groan much because I knew that the end results would be so worth the effort in making the canes. Glad you are feeling better and thanks for posting the pictures...some of the canes I got were much different so it was a good chance to see what everyone made.
Looking forward to seeing what you end up making with the canes.

Alice Stroppel said...

Bonnie, I just love that you made Stroppel Canes for a swap. Makes me smile. I love cane swaps, and your group made some wonderful ones. I'm pinning your swap.

Lupe Meter said...

Yes, thank you for organizing the swap, Bonnie! I love all the canes that I received and plan to use them in my next creations! Glad you are feeling somewhat better!