Sunday, February 5, 2012


My 96 year old friend Jane is in a nursing back in Kenosha, WI.  It's an older facility and they don't have air conditioning in the rooms and they have very little heat.  She gets chilly just sitting around so I started knitting a shawl for her before Christmas and had so many interruptions that when I finished it, it didn't look right.  I crochet 20 times faster than I knit so I was really disappointed about spending all that time knitting instead of crocheting.  I found a crocheted shawl pattern that looked classic and not confusing. 

I finished it yesterday and I really like it.  Even my husband liked it.  It's all black which Jane will like and it has that fuzzy yarn around the whole thing with extra rows on the bottom.  I decided she needed a shawl pin to go with it so I made a pin out of polymer clay. 
I used black clay and a texture sheet and put flat back Swarovski crystals on it and white perfect pearls.  She loves silver and crystals and black so I'm sure she will like this.


I had some pictures of Buster printed at Walgreen's today.  When I went to get the pictures I told the young gentleman at the counter my name and he said "OH, the cat pictures".  I said yes, those would be mine.  He said "yup, the cat on the door, the cat in the garbage can, the cat sleeping in the chair, the cat chasing the ball" and then I cut him off.  I said "my mother lives in Florida and wants to see pictures of my new kitten, you are lucky I didn't have any nude pictures of old people in there".  At that he gave me a strange look and told me since this was a retirement community, he sees a lot of strange things everyday and that's getting to be a normal thing.

I'M GLAD I ONLY HAD PICTURES OF THE CAT.  My husband warned me I was getting to be a geezer because I spend too much time talking about the cat.  He said I should get a life away from the cat for a while.  So, I asked him if he wanted to change the cat liter, scoop the cat liter, feed the cat, play ball with him and all the other things a good cat mom does?  He just said


Lupe Meter said...

You did an awesome job! Beautiful! Hey maybe you can help me with my crochet. I haven't been able to figure out these instructions for little baby booties and my grandchild is growing by the minute! I need help! lol
Love your shawl pin too! 8)

Brigitte said...

Bonnie, I have just begun experimenting with making shawl pins for the knit shawls I have been making this year. Love your design!