Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So far this year I've made 287 pair of earrings.  That's why I have no nails.  Some of the girls that I bowl with are going to Reno to bowl in the Ladies National Bowling Tournament.  They asked me to make earrings to match their shirts.  I made 8 pair of royal blue earrings and they picked out the one they wanted and I made 6 pair of matching earrings for them.  Now two of the girls who will be bowling doubles wanted earrings to match their shirts.  The color of their shirts was a strange lavender, purple but light.  I have never seen that color before and can't describe it.  So here are the earrings I made, which ones do you think they will choose?

The people who pick the winner will have their names put in a drawing and I'll have my better half pick the two winners of the earrings and I'll send you each a pair of earrings.  I'll know tonight which one they pick but I'll give you till Friday at 3:00 o'clock Arizona time to vote.  I'll post the winners on Saturday.

This is what I'm going to call Purple 1.

Purple 2

Purple 3


This is Darla one of the sweetest ladies I know and she's holding my favorite (only) kitten.  He's only 7 months so until he's 1 year old, he's still a kitten.  Darla was visiting last week and she's an awesome beader but was curious about polymer clay, she thought I painted it.  I took some pieces of clay off my desk and showed her how I do different things and when I was done, I had a Darla Pendant.

She thought there was a butterfly that appeared in the middle just for her.

This is the second one I did with the clay that I had left.  I'm glad there was pearl and translucent clay in the mix, it really popped the colors.

Get those earring guesses in, I think I'm going to be surprised by their choice, I was at the royal blue ones they chose.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture so you won't get an idea of what they liked.



Lupe Meter said...

I think they picked Purple one because they are least I would have picked those! 8) Your Darla pendant is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Purple2. Those are my favorite so of course they would pick those ;-)

mydina said...

hola,son todos muy bonitos,saludos desde españa