Friday, September 14, 2012


I haven't posted in a long time because I've been so busy making flag bracelets I can't get anything else done.  A friend of mine ordered 6 of them and every time I get them done, someone buys them so I have to keep starting over.  I know that's a good thing but right now I'm getting bored with this.

I'm doing them in 8-0's and 11-0's, gold and silver.  I better sit down and get working again.
I did a Bettina Welker Pixelated cane two weeks ago and now I've done 5 more and did a demo at our beading club.  I made earrings out of the last one I did and also did some Puff beads but those aren't done yet.  I'll post them when they are finished.

This cane is so much fun but it doesn't make a very big cane, so, when I make one now I either take a picture of the color set up or write it down, or make two so I can make another cane with exactly the same colors or close.  Never comes out exactly the same when you are using an extruder.

Our clay camp is in two weeks up in Prescott, AZ and everyone is really excited.  Including me.  I have all these ideas about what I want to do when I get up there.  I'll probably be making extruder canes for 5 days. LOL



Lupe Meter said...

Nice creations, Bonnie!! Looking forward to the retreat...plan to do this wonderful cane when I am up there!

Melobeau said...

Your patriotic bracelet are so lovely it's no wonder that you can't keep them in stock to fill your friend's order. The pixelated cane and caned pieces came out beautifully and I look forward to seeing the puff beads. Hope you have a blast at the retreat!

Linda K. said...
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Linda K. said...

I love everything here, Bonnie!

Knightwork Studio said...

Wonderful flag bracelet's Bonnie, I can see why they sell so well, wouldn't mind having one of those myself!

I really, really love what you did with the pixelated cane, the colors are scrumptious... that is a such a versatile cane.... so many things you can do with it.