Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Addiction Why Me?

My friend Rose showed us how to make Shambala bracelets when we were at camp and I thought it was great but wasn't sure I wanted to get into another thing.  I already have my PHD in crafts. (Pile it Higher and Deeper).  Well, I watched a YouTube on how to make a Shambala bracelet and just happen to have some macrame cord and beads just sitting here (HAH).  Made one and forgot that Rose told me to use a cigarette lighter to burn the ends so I used glue and glued my fingers together trying to hold the cord.  So, Rose teaches another class and mentions the cigarette lighter (slap my head).  Sat down and made two thinking my sister MIGHT like these.  Never know with her.

So, here's Susie's.
Couldn't make one without making my niece one.
So I had to make 3 more for my other friends and for myself.
I've burned my fingers on every one of these.  The cat has stolen the first lighter I had.  I just bought $40 worth of cord and more beads.  Someone help me please.
Penni Jo's Molds
Last Wednesday at beading we had a clay day.  A couple of the girls wanted Evelyn to show them how to make Christmas ornaments the rest of us just played but I brought my Penni Jo molds to show them.  They were like a whirling dirvish.  Check this out.
This was Karen's.  I'm not sure how many she had when we finally left.
These were Jeannie's.  I can't wait to see what they do with them.  I'm guessing lots of glitter and powder.
This was the start of Carol's ornament.
Saw this on facebook, love it.  Looks like Buster.
I was trying to read our city's paper the other night and he wouldn't let me have it.  I didn't even know he could read.  He sure knows a donut box when he sees it.

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Linda K. said...

Beautiful bracelets, Bonnie. I love the dangles on the fine cord. The ones I've seen always have the thick cord and I like yours so much better. Watch out for Buster--if he stole your lighter, donuts might not be his only vice. He might have taken up smoking, too! :)