Saturday, January 12, 2013


My friend is in Detroit for 4 days so I'm feeding her 3 new kittens.  This is King.  He finally sat still long enough for me to take his picture.  He was abused by a child and left at the shelter.  No one wanted him because he was very agitated.  He's doing great and I was so excited this morning he rubbed against my legs when I was fixing his food.  He's going to be a wonderful, loving cat.
These are all polymer pieces that have been sanded and buffed.  I can't tell you how much I don't like to sand but they sure are pretty when they hit the buffer and the shine comes up.
Am I the only one that has 5 boxes full of clay ends and pieces?  I must have 200 pounds of clay here.  THIS IS INSANE.  A friend came over yesterday and I showed her how to do different Skinner blends and plugs and how to do a spliced cane.  We had a lot of fun.  Then I realized I needed to do something with my clay.  I'm going to make plugs and blended plugs and make some canes and sell them.  I'm running out of clay storage.  I still have a box full of Studio by Sculpey.
My good friend Anita Brandon did a blog a couple days ago about her angel cats.  She included some pictures and a story of Booboo in it.  It was so nice and it brought tears to my eyes. 
This is her webesite, check out her angel cats on Etsy.  Booboo was such a good friend for almost 20 years.  I miss him dearly.  Buster can never take his place but Buster is making a place of his own.  He loves dates and donuts and Kraft American cheese.
A week ago Sunday night I got intestinal flu.  I was down and out for 9 days.  If you get a chance, get some Powerade, Pepto Bismal, soda crackers and Imodium in the house just in case.  I got a flu shot Wednesday and my arm is still sore.  Here in Arizona we have a big problem with the flu right now so I am washing my hands and face a lot and trying to stay out of public places.
Stay Healthy and Happy New Year


Melobeau said...

Bonnie, How lucky King and his friends are to have you as "Kittysitter". It sounds like he's doing very well and so lucky to have found such a loving home with your friend....and YOU to baby sit.

Oh my, those polymer pieces you've made are SO gorgeous all sanded, buffed and shiny. I love your use of color and style! I think your idea of making plugs, blended plugs and canes for sale is going to make a lot of potential customer VERY happy! (not to mention giving you more room and some extra $$$).

Thank you so much for mentioning about the "Booboo and the Angel Cats" post on my blog. I would say that Buster is one lucky cat to be making a place of his own in your heart. I think Booboo would heartily approve. Glad that you're feeling better and hope that flu shot calms down and does its "thing".

Melobeau said...

Oh, I meant to say that the direct link to Booboo's blog post topic is

Come over to see Bonnie's lovely photos of Booboo, her very special and VERY photogenic best friend.

Lupe Meter said...

I don't like sanding either but they sure do shine after being buffed! Your pieces are beautiful, Bonnie! You are great with animals, so I can see how this little one took to you! Glad you are feeling much better. I have been doing the same thing, staying indoors when I can and washing hands a lot, though my hands are really dry plus this weather doesn't help either.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Very nice post. The King cat does seem in charge.