Monday, February 18, 2013


This past Saturday at our February clay guild meeting we had a cane exchange.  There were 12 of us that participated.  Some of us were seasoned (can't say older) clayers and some were brand new clayers.  It was fun to see all the different canes.  Now I have to decide what to do with them.

These are all the canes I received.  In my last blog I put up a picture of the ones I made.
I made big ones so I could cut them in half.  The one on the top right was a combination of a split cane and a barbed wire cane.  I used the ends to make pendants.
The top two on the right are the ends of the cut cane pieces pushed together.  They have Future on them.  The three hearts and two footballs have Magic Glos on them.  Love these colors, now I just have to figure out what I did.  I always say I'm going to write down what colors I use to make a cane and take pictures as I do it.  I listen to books on my Ipad while I'm doing clay and I get so involved I forget to write things down and take pictures.  I should write myself a note to do that but I would probably lose the note.  Getting old is not for the weak.
This is a picture of the heart pendant, bracelet and texture sheet that I sent to Tina Holden when we had our Polymer Clay facebook swap.  I stole the picture she put on facebook since she had all three pieces in one picture.  This was my first texture sheet.  It's too thick and too deep so I told Tina she could use it to feed the birds up in Canada.  LOL 
The large heart on the left is attached to a beaded Kumihimo key chain with hearts.  The bracelet is a Shambala bracelet made with the same flower cane that is in the center of the heart.


Melobeau said...

Lucky Tina! Very lovely set. Sp many great canes. Your guild has a lot of talented members. Fun to see the variety of canes all together. I love how you utilize your cane ends to make more wonderful pieces. Shiny!

Linda K. said...

Bonnie, I'm always amazed at your creativity and the beautiful pieces that you make. The keychain is so pretty and that is the most beautiful Shamballa bracelet I've yet to see. The heart that you made for Tina Holden is absolutely stunning! The colors work perfectly together and I love the bezel. It truly is a piece of art!

Knightwork Studio said...

Wonderful assortment of canes..... wish I could join your guild!! BJ