Saturday, April 27, 2013


Last Tuesday my husband told me that one of our phones was off the hook because he heard beeping.  I checked them all and nothing was wrong.  6 hours later he said I should check the alarm clocks and my cell phone because he could hear the beeping again.  6 hours later he asked me to check the phones again.  By Tuesday night I was totally nuts because I never heard any beeping.  Wednesday morning I was in the shower and he came running in yelling that it was his pacemaker that was beeping.  I told him to call the doctor and they said be there in 20 minutes.  You've never seen anyone get dressed that fast.  They turned the beeper off, sent him to a heart surgeon and 2 days later he was in the hospital getting a new pacemaker.  He's doing really good but has a big lump on his chest and it's all black and blue.  He's not suppose to use an air hammer, jack hammer or stand in the doors at Wal-Mart.  Had a lot of people praying for him and I want to thank you all.


For those of you who have the same disease I do, don't feel guilty about it.  After I retired and moved to Arizona I spent so much time cleaning house it was obsessive.  When I worked, I could only  clean on weekends.  Then I watched Carol Duval and decided I wanted to do polymer clay and beading.  Now I have to schedule the laundry, vacuuming and ironing.  LOL

Every time my husband comes in my craft room he looks around and says "boy, you have a lot of stuff".  Geez, I've been doing this for 10 years, didn't he see me come home with all this "stuff"?  I'm ranting.

I have about 200,000 megatamas and an order for lots of bracelets from a friend back in Illinois.

This is the bracelet I made for my sister, this is also Kumihimo.
When I get the other pictures done I'll post them.  Camera's and I don't get along very well lately.


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Melobeau said...

Beautiful bracelet for your sister! Looks so complex and sophisticated. I'm so glad that your hubby figured out about the beeps and you were able to get him for surgery in time. I like the idea of your having to schedule cleaning. It's always dead LAST on my list. When one can do PC and work with all those great things you have in our stashes it's always calling out our siren's song.