Monday, April 1, 2013

Marilyn Monroe

A few years ago my sister joined a group that put on a show every two years.  They dance and sing and lip sync and they call themselves "The Greasers".  All the money goes to charity and they have a really good time rehearsing and doing the show.

My sister is very small and does a Marilyn Monroe character that is unbelievable.  Her friends have had her come to birthday parties and do her Marilyn Monroe song that she did for the president when it was his birthday.  She's really great.  She even has a Marilyn wig and gown and long gloves.  Anyway, when I see something Marilyn, I try to get it for my sister.  On one of the hundred bead store emails that I get every day they had Marilyn Monroe toggles for bracelets so I made a bracelet for Susie and put it in the mail today.
Hope she likes it.
This went out in the mail today too.  I lost track of one of my favorite cousins a long time ago.  Thanks to facebook, his brother found me and so did my cousins daughter. Unfortunately, my cousin died not too long ago and he was only a year older than I was.  I'm really happy about having his daughter in my life though. We have been emailing and catching up on family.  She lives in Virginia and has 3 small babies and always likes the stuff I make that I put on facebook so I made her a bracelet.  It's Kumihimo, size 6 beads.  I need to find more of those little hearts, I really like them on the bracelets.
Time to get back to polymer but I've got the BEADING thing biting me.  Might be the time of year.
Now I have to get back to getting the taxes done.  Wish me luck.

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